A Box for Baby

“It was lovely and exciting to get it and somehow the first promise to the baby,” she says. “My mum, friends and relatives were all eager to see what kind of things were inside and what colours they’d chosen for that year.”

Just when I was feeling slightly stressed over preparing all the basics for baby number four (as I’ve said before, with each baby, your desire for anything outside of absolute necessity only dwindles) I stumbled across this article, via a dear friend’s Facebook link, detailing the 75 year old Finnish tradition that sees each newborn baby home from the hospital with a cardboard starter kit provided by their government. A box filled with all kinds of essential new life accessories: clothing, toys, diapers, blankets, clothes and more. The box, conveniently serving as a bed for new baby as well. The idea behind it resting on the age old notion that each baby, born to varying degrees of wealth, status and circumstance, all share the same the start. An “equal start” that begins with this little box filled with all the goodies chosen for that particular year, and vital to new moms those first few weeks of life. Apparently there are some pretty impressive statistics to boast of as well, showing a significant decrease in infant mortality rates linked to babies sleeping more consistently in these box beds.

I don’t know.
I kind of love the idea behind it.

Unfortunately, if I remember right, we only go home with that tiny stripped beanie to warm their heads. And of course, a stack lofty medical bills that pile up in the weeks following.

For more on the tradition behind Finnish Baby ‘boxstarters’ visit here.

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