An Introduction

Welcome to The Ma Books.

A collective effort of women sharing pieces of their stories, simple craft ideas, respected product picks, favorite recipes, personal advice and honest trials on a weekly basis. Overall, embracing the highlights, the downfalls, the humor and humility involved in raising children.

A site we hope feels less concerned with dominating the pages of Pinterest or the pull strings of your wallet, and more about plain connectedness in this fleeting experience we share as nurturers in a modern age. While The Ma Books does not claim to be any kind of groundbreaking new forum too far removed from the regular “mommy blog” criteria that spans all corners of the Internet these days, we do seek to open up a real, feeling community rooted in authentic consideration for all that we put forth here in our weekly sharings. Be it brands we admire, places we like to visit, tips we find helpful, in addition to plenty of other various aspects of household life we cherish in all kinds of homes around the country. A good majority of the woman featured here though you will see again and again. Faces and names should grow familiar, the whole essence of this site becoming, hopefully, a place you look forward to settling in at the end of the night for a good laugh, or a much needed inter web respite from a hard days end that sometimes means fighting the urge to lock yourself in the closet for a minute alone, or a good hard cry on the days you feel downright defeated by your daily plight.

In short, we simply hope to keep you good company.

For now, we are quite happy to have your attention.

With love and thanks,
The Ma Books Team.

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