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Mama of five, and long time friend of mine with whom I have now shared at least two pregnancies with, countless kiddie birthday parties and beach BBQs, every 4th of July for the past few years, and plenty of late nights on the town (sans kids) watching our husbands country band play various honky tonk bars around town.

She is one of the craftiest ladies I know and therefore always a source of go-to inspiration for me. From her infamous green thumb nourishing a home full of of gorgeous exotic house plants, to her thrifted wardrobe picks and her sensational cooking skills, Anne has natural knack for making the most of authentic, simple living. Whenever I am with her I learn something new. Plus, we share the same taste in movies and music, so we can count on one another on new recommendations there too.

Surely there are a number of posts I could easily devout her to her many enviable skills, but for now, she is here to share her expecting story in light of her fifth baby. A gorgeous new baby girl.

Well, here I am. Pregnant again for the fifth time. As I close in on my due date I have had many different emotions swirling about. I am excited, scared and occasionally think that I may be crazy. Will I really be able to handle this? Raising a child to be a well rounded, responsible and caring person is an enormous task and I have not one but five lives to try and shape! Sometimes the reality of it is very overwhelming. I have been pretty hard on myself over the years but have learned to be bit gentler when it comes to judging my parenting. I’ve realized that I will always be growing and trying to improve not only as a mother but as a human being. I will never perfect this vocation of mine.

As I look back over the past 15 years that I’ve been a mother, I can clearly see mistakes I’ve made along the way. Whether they be big or small I do know that I did what I thought was best at the time. I think most women can say the same, which is why I try really hard not to judge other moms. Oh, don’t get me wrong! I have judged countless times over the years and am still guilty of it, but now I realize parenting isn’t a “One size fits all” matter. Just as we are all unique individuals, so too are our mothering techniques. And what a gift that is! There is so much we can learn from those with different approaches from our own. We too have so much to offer!

I think a large part of becoming and being a mother involves trust. There is so much uncertainty in raising a child, a huge leap of faith is required. One person we need to trust is ourselves. Women have been giving birth and raising children for thousands of years and even though some of the instincts may be buried very deep in us, I believe we all have what it takes inside. Life is filled with so many mysteries and watching my children grow has only increased my wonder. Right now I can only imagine my baby’s face and guess what she’ll be like, but once she’s here I know it will feel like she’s always been a part of the family. The love and familiarity are instant. So, while there are countless unknowns ahead, one thing I am certain of is that this fifth babe will be welcomed into the world by her big family who already loves her more than she knows.

And the newest member, sweet Margaret Mae, born April 6.

To get to know her better –  check out Anne’s blog here.

6 Responses

  • congrats on baby #5, she beautiful! what a gift to add to your family.

    i had baby #4 3 months ago and during his pregnancy i read through my go-to mothering books by Ina May, but would have loved to hear more from seasoned mothers. a lot of material and resources are aimed towards women’s first pregnancy/labour/child.

    would love to hear more of your wisdom anne! xx julie

  • anne you are a mama goddess. i love your thoughts on the innate sense of mothering present in women. i would love to study “big” families in today’s world. like i’ve said before, if i could’ve started younger i think i would have had at least four. thank you for your always-graceful perspective!

  • Anne, this is just beautiful! I, too, have 5 kids – and it’s no easy task. You look stunning, and your family is absolutely beautiful! Congrats!


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