Postpartum Meals

One of the nicest gestures after coming home from the hospital post delivery this time around were home cooked meals delivered by friends.

In the midst of new exhaustion with a house full of equally exhausted kids and a sadly vacant fridge running out for groceries, or the thought of cooking altogether is obviously not always on our forefront. Exactly why these meals mean so much. Sitting down at the table as a family, after a string of takeout food serving as our ‘no hassle’ solution to dinner for the past couple of weeks, we were all entirely grateful for a table filled with “real food.”And it wasn’t just one. My best friend came while I was out running errands just days after the birth of Hayes. She cleaned out my freezer, tossed old food and organized the new. She came bearing bags full of groceries. Some snacks, some essentials, laundry detergent, toilet paper, chocolate and wine. She organized my kitchen drawers while I fell asleep on the couch. As much as I tried to plead with her to stop, the end result was heaven sent. Our cupboards stocked, our drawers cleared. Our laundry done.

We were also brought a generously sized salad for lunch a few days later by Anne during her visit. Kate lugged over an enormous, full course dinner complete with fancy cheese, a big port beer and the most delicious gluten free pasta with Leon in mind. All we had to do was pop it in the oven.

It was a nice reminder for me of how simply food, during certain times in our life, is really the best offering. That sometimes, instead of flowers and gifts, a hot dish is sure to be much appreciated post baby, by everybody in the house.

In relation: this huffington post Article reiterating more in depth “what post postpartum women really want”

“What postpartum women really need is understanding, rather than the expectation that we should be photo-ready when the only thing we are ready for is a nap. We need people to talk about how hard this time is, instead of how happy we should be. We need time to embrace our babies, rather than the stress of what else we should be doing and how far we’re falling behind. We need opportunities to talk, vent, cry and feel and know that it’s okay. We need a more embracing society that doesn’t mind breasts feeding babies as much as it doesn’t mind them in magazines and movies. We need people to make meals, rather than expect to hold our brand new babies. We need partners who wake up in the night to give a back rub or a “you’re doing great.” We need friends who say “I’ve been there.” What postpartum moms really need is a world that allows us to be mothers from all angles, even if it’s not as pretty as we wanted to believe.”

2 Responses

  • yes! a meal, a quick vacuum, washing dishes, taking the other kids out for a while…these are things that are an enormous help!

    the food kate brought looks delicious 🙂

  • love this post – so true. just the other day I visited a new mum and she kept having to ask for things ‘please pass me some water, please bring me a burp cloth’. I so remembered how exhausting it was even to ask for things when I was post partum – I just wanted it there, done, all my energy was still inwards! it’s really really important that people are informed about this time – thank you for sharing and I hope this precious time for you is going well, what lovely friends (and knowing moms!!) xxx


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