The Oprah Effect

“I just don’t trust a women who hates Oprah” 
~ Circa 2005, in conversation with Mike over a friend of his whom he was defending and then happened to mention her utter distaste for Oprah, which, in my opinion, sadly erased all the other attributes listed prior.

It’s been awhile since Oprah ruled my 3:00 hour.
A long time since those wacky road trips with her and Gale. Possibly, the best TV I’ve ever known.

I grew up with Oprah. I read the books with her stamp of approval marking the front cover. I waited with anticipation on each of her infamously extravagant holiday shows, I cringed at Tom Cruise jumping around that couch, embraced the Tina Turner hair do, cried when she opened her school in Africa. Basically, I am, and always have been, an unabashed die hard, life long fan of the woman. Which is why, upon a mid day afternoon drive through the drive-through, hearing the barista question my usual chai tea order with a “would you like to make that an OPRAH chai?” made my heart skip a couple beats.

“A what?”
“The Oprah Chai.”
“For real? Oprah has a Chai?”
“She does.”
“uh, yah, I’ll take it!”

And now, I’m not even sure if it’s any better than the regular Chai. But I keep ordering it. Maybe because I like the quotes on the sleeve I can still hear in her voice, or maybe because I’m a sucker for mainstream media ploys, or maybe, just maybe it is just plain delicious.

Either way, I am not ashamed to say that that first sip of the trademarked chai pretty much made my day. Even if the lanky kid in the drive through window with a chip on his shoulder offered slightly patronizing remarks about all the regular housewives getting giddy over news of it as he handed it over.

Poor kid. Obviously, he’d never seen the road trip episodes.

5 Responses

  • AHHHH! I LOVE her too!!!! I had no clue that Starbucks named a drink after her – and a chai tea, at that! Naturally, I’ll be running over tomorrow morning to grab myself one 🙂

  • Im secretly obsessed with her Super Soul Sundays! I record them every week and watch the same episode more than once for inspiration. LOVE that you love her as much as me.

  • Are you kidding?! Oprah was and is a trailblazer. She made it mainstream to put your feelings out in the open and to have the courage to dream bigger than you can ever imagine. Love that woman!


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