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Via Belinda at Elise and Joan
  a snapshot of her Grandmother Joan, who’s namesake titles her blog .

“Much loved Matriarch, she’s a mother of four, Grandmother of ten and Great Grandmother of seven. I think the key to a happy life lies within our relationships and connections to each other. My belief in this is largely set by her example. Nana is a great conversationalist. Though she probably wouldn’t think so. Not in an overly gregarious sense, more that she’s generous in conversation, agreeable. She offers as much as she listens. These days I feel like the art of real life conversation is kind of a lost virtue. It’s a quality that I find so endearing of her. I can sit and chat with her for hours. I often do. We’ll talk of the old days or the latest celebrity gossip, I can confide in her about anything. Not so long ago, I sent Nana an sms and asked what were the things that made her happy. She replied;

“Dear Belinda, the things that make me happy and proud are my family, being independent, owning my own home, security, privacy and being accepted. Sounds boring but they are important to me. Love Nana”

Practical, humble and honest. This portrait was taken in her kitchen after lunch, countless cups of tea and good conversation going into the late afternoon. She laughed as I constantly clicked away with the camera, uncomfortable with having her picture taken but generously accommodating me all the same. Could not love her more.”

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