A Few Of My Favorite Things

With your fourth born, your spending habits and indulgences tend to shrink considerably. Maybe because there are so many people and needs to consider now with an expanding family, or maybe because you realize just how quickly they outgrow things in the beginning. For me, everything I purchase for the infancy phase I consider – time -wise – weather it’s worth it or not. Luckily, everything for baby Hayes so far has been a good mix of thrifted, gifted, or handed down items. With just a couple splurges along the way.

Listed are a handful of my favorite things
*some not pictured


Cotton pants. This is one item I never have trouble finding second hand. The thrift stores are always stocked so I tend to grab whatever cute (usually stripped) pants I can find for less than a buck.

Jeans. When my kids are little, most all of their jeans are thrifted. Mainly because I like them worn in and I find varying styles – wide leg, light wash, that I love much more than what I find in regular retail stores.

Onesies. Again, some of my favorite little newborn onesies are from the Goodwill. All colors, patterns and sizes. 50 cents. Hard to beat. Also, I usually stock up on a few American apparel (pictured here) versions because they are good quality and have a nice, neutral selection that come in both tank and sleeved options.

Gowns: Love the little carter newborn gowns for the first couple of months. Again, most of the ones I have come second hand and in great condition.

Possibly the cutest kitty slippers for an infant I’ve ever seen. Gifted by my best friend who makes a habit of picking up gifts from the museum gift shops she visits frequently for school projects. Honestly, one of the best places to find unique, interesting toys for decent prices.
Cat slippers available soon via the Hammer Museum online store that is undergoing consturction currently.

Honest Company diapers. I’ve only known the target brand with all of my boys, so I took an instant liking to these exceptionally pretty tiny newborn versions. In addition to boasting an all natural brand, the patterns they offer are really great. Makes me wonder why more mainstream diapers can’t be equally appealing. For more info on ordering in bulk visit here.

I received two of these pacifiers from my shower and so far they are a hit with baby Hayes. Plus all natural and resemble the ones I so fondly recall pushing into the mouths of my cabbage patch dolls, which might have a little to do with my obsession with them.

The handsome little wolf crib pillow sent by Lindsey over at the Darling Clementine Shop. Unfortunately, sold out.

The newborn knit set I found via etsy here. So cute it hurts.
The “flock” plywood mobile, a piece I’ve had my eye on for months. So peaceful in it’s birdlike flutter above the crib and likely something baby can enjoy for years to come. found here.

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