After Baby / Postpartum Wardrobe Picks

You would think that a majority of your favroite pregnancy wardrobe staples would make for equally beloved post partum pieces to rely on after baby, but in reality it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes it’s because they don’t offer proper flexibility for easy, regular nursing and sometimes it’s just a matter of ill fitting pieces that look and feel suddenly awkward on those post baby curves we all get to know so well soon there after. Engorged breasts, swollen sagging waistlines, and so on.
For fun, Anne and I decided to share some of our go-to wardrobe picks for post baby outings. Hers being: thrifted bold printed caftans, gauzy button down pullovers and lightweight summer shifts (the black one shown here being surprisingly nurse friendly with the sleeve offering quick & easy access)
Mine were pretty much the same except for a pair of cotton indigo patterned pants from cardigan that I’ve been basically living in through the week (Elastic waistband being heaven sent at the moment) A second hand oversized denim button down that seems to go with everything from the cotton pants, to jeans and long skirts, and my own bright caftan I scored on the Emerson Fry outlet online on clearance right after Hayes was born thanks to a friend’s link sharing the sale.
Other than that, it’s a whole lot of big teeshirts and one (slightly hideous) lightweight cotton bathrobe that I’ve come to depend on the rest of the time. But there’s no way we’re ready to share the reality behind those images here.
Least not yet anyway.


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