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~ kylie walker
With her hazy seventies film edit nostalgia coloring the shots of her Australian bred beach clan wandering around sandy shores, in and out of those big turquoise seas and racing around various asphalt lots on their vintage skateboards, Kylie Walker’s life edits became a fast favorite of mine over at Instgram as soon as I caught wind of her feed many months ago. Especially appealing because of her distinct, strong sense of style with filters in her photos that makes it immediately recognizable as soon as it pops up in my regular scrolling. Plus, it’s fun to see another mom on distant shores involved in so many of the same activities I entertain with my boys here on the West Coast.
Here she shares some insight about her family, perks of their home land and a bit about their favorite past times.
Names & age
Ace Maximillian Walker 7
Harlow Jack Ferrero Walker 4
We live in a beach suburb called Bondi in Sydney, Australia. Bondi beach is one of Australia’s most iconic beaches, a diverse culture, populated with tourists from all over the globe.
The boys love living in such a vibrant playground, the minute you step out the front door there’s always plenty to see and do. Life for the boys is centred around the ocean. Ace spends most of his time skating to and from the beach either for a surf or skate. Bondi has an amazing skate park over looking the beach.  Ace comes from long line of surfers, his grandpa still surfs at 70. Ace loves to attend surf school once a week, all year round even through winter!  He has recently started playing guitar with his dad. Dad use to be in a band in his younger years & still loves playing music for us. The boys are his biggest fans now 😉 Ace is a very special little being. Sometimes I pinch myself we are so lucky to have such an amazing boy. His eyes say it all, so compassionate & giving. He is the best friend a mum could wish for.
Harlow on the other hand is a water baby. He was born in the water & maintains a beautiful connection with it. I cant take him near the beach without him wanting to immerse himself beneath the waves. Harlow is super creative & wildly spirited. A funny guy in the family. Full of Jokes & laughter. He’s constantly trying to make people laugh. He has a massive heart over flowing with love.
Summer in Bondi is incredibly busy, we always go on little adventures to harbour side beaches. Their favorite place is Kutti beach. It’s called the secret beach because it’s almost impossible to find unless you’ve otherwise been told where to find it.  Alot of my photos on instagram are captured at Kutti duirng our summer hols. Access to the beach is found via a tiny wooden stairway adjacent to the local sailing club. The stairs lead down to a remote beach with the most gorgeous little boat-sheds. The children play in a tree house that hangs over the water. Feels like we are in a far away place whenever we visit Kutti. Another favorite is Mackenzie’s, located in between Bondi & Tamarama beach. Mackenzie’s has incredible rock pools. The boys love playing in and around the rock-pools while the waves come crashing over their little heads. The color of the water is stunning with shades of blue & green. Feels like paradise. During summer we grab the kids and head down to the north end of Bondi beach. There’s a little patch of grass on the hill called the grassy knoll. We love heading there for a picnic of good old Aussie fish n chips & a few cold coronas with lime, while watching the sunset. Perfect way to end a summers day in Bondi.


We are so fortunate we can call bondi beach our backyard. So much to look forward to every summer swimming, skating, surfing, playing, & watching beautiful sunsets . Blessed X


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