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I came across the etsy shop “Aolo” a couple weeks ago while searching – per usual – for yet another vintage sundress (With the hike in temperature come mid July, a girl really can’t have too many) However I was instantly attracted to some of these more modern designs in way of boldly striped oversized button downs, one especially handsome plaid collared dress (pictured below) and of course the long white linen drop waist dress that looks like something straight out of my dreams, and likely one item I might never take off should it ever find it’s way to the hanging rack in my closet.
The whole shop is built of mostly custom pieces, nearly all of which fall just below the 100$ mark with rave reviews to boot, complementing the quality, feel and overall design of the pieces.
Thought I should share,
As I have 2 or 3 items on my list already.


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  • these are super cool, and really beautiful. my husband started working for etsy last summer, and it is a wonderful company. a little dangerous when you start searching for things however. I have definitely fallen into many a late night rabbit hole of vintage dresses! thanks for sharing this shop, such a great find

  • I notice that when I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed about ordinary day to day things all it takes is a wardrobe change to feel so much lighter. First step, take the bra off 😉 Then it’s one of two favorite black yoga pants and a flowy, non binding top.
    I buy tops that are plus size and just pretend it is a tunic. I notice that designs from places like Free People are equivalent to buying a plus size peasant top or tunic anywhere else….. Once again, thank you for The Ma Books. It’s already become the blog that I look forward to most.


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