Ma’ Picks / Planet Box

Last Christmas I decided, because my kids receive gross amounts of toys and “fun” stuff from family members, that I would buy a few practical items instead of adding to the pile of (sadly) mostly semi disposable crap.

I bought all three boys their own Planet Box and it was one of the best decisions I made. Not only does is it obviously make for a better environmental choice all around, but it also forces me to really consider what and how much I put in those little slotted spaces while packing each child’s lunch every day. It cuts down on waste that comes with any “fillers” and the portions are just right. Plus it’s nice and sturdy and easily tossed in the dishwasher at the end of the day, no plastic baggies to stock up on or messy nylon lunch packs to deal with.

The only downside I experienced was the second grade teacher who seemed baffled by the overall design and called me genuinely concerned that Arlo was carrying around his lunch in a “metal can.” I didn’t waste my breath trying to explain all the listed benefits, I just ended up buying the zipped cover to accompany it. Great addition seeing that it allows for an over the shoulder haul and adds space for an additional snack and one juice or water bottle.

All in all, a top five must have in our book.


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