Banana / Egg Pancakes

If you’re anything like me you more than appreciate any recipe that requires few & simple ingredients. These version ‘pancakes’ are just that. With the additional perk being they are gluten free, full of protein and call for two items you most likely always have on hand at any given day. In our house, we have a favorite GF box of pancake mix we stock up on during our regular Target trips, but these make a delicious and super easy substitute when we’re out of our regular. My boys prefer them thin (crepe style) with a sprinkle of cinnamon, sliced banana and syrup toppings but there are endless ways to dress them up with fresh fruit, almond butter, jam, and so on.

Try them out. Let us know what you think.

1 banana(mashed) + 2 eggs(beaten)cooked regular pancake style with coconut oil. A dash of cinnamon and sliced bananas topped with syrup.



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