Simpler Days 

“You know what I miss?”, he asked me recently.
“I miss the you and me before iPhones.”
“He didn’t even need to elaborate, because I knew in an instant everything he was thinking and feeling.  In this case, he was referring to simpler days- the general ones- the ones before rigid schedules and being on call for multiple people, before the days in which we had the money to afford recorded television, before our kids were addicted to their iPods themselves, before the days of being easily tracked and held accountable for every moment in our day.  There was a time when James Bond and Inspector Gadget were the only ones who had the resources to pursue someone to the degree of being able to pin their coordinates from a wristwatch or a phone tucked into a trench coat pocket, reserved I’m sure for only their enemies.  Never to locate wives or Moneypenney to ask where the extra toilet paper has been stored.  Convenience can be easily confused with freedom, when in reality this seemingly harmless pop tart sized device is the very opposite of freedom.  The thing that we all love and cradle and study is actually our leash.”

She’s one of the very best things I know on the internet. Her voice, always there to count on for a good late night read.
Do yourself a favor and read the entire “simpler days” post HERE
And then go ahead and catch up on everything else she has to say.

3 Responses

  • “I missed dancing like a lunatic with Terry in our first apartment. I missed dancing with brand new Fiona attached to my chest. I missed the late night dance parties with my toddlers in the tiny house. Warm tears welled up as I thought about how fleeting it all is, grateful for the moments that shake the life back into my feet.”

    so, so good. made me fear the day when i miss dancing with my toddler and husband in our kitchen, burning whatever is cooking on the stove and laughing loud. I could read her words all day.


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