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I spotted Lisa Bonet at a concert late last summer  in Santa Monica on the pier with her two younger children and hunky movie star husband and was immediately reduced to an awkwardly fawning teenager. Starstruck, admittedly. In awe of just how effortlessly cool she appeared in “real life” scoping the food carts and chasing after her little ones. A style icon I had clung to all the way from grade school – high school. Those stark black and white images of her and her naked baby girl burned into my memory for as long as I can remember. Coming across this article, I got stuck on the idea of what it must be like for a daughter, coming into her own fashion senses, having such a boldly unique closet to borrow from.

Most of all though, I love her advice about the old and tattered dresses on their last leg. Words of wisdom we might all keep in mind.: “Dance until it falls apart.”

On Kravitz’s childhood style:

Kravitz: I remember when I was a kid I would throw tantrums if I wasn’t wearing what I wanted to wear. But I think dress-up was always my favorite game to play. I would dress up like an elf or like a princess. I was always playing dress-up when I left the house and I think I still kind of do that. And now I’m dressing up like an Alexander Wang model.
Bonet: When she was younger I could put her, of course, in whatever I wanted to and then there was a certain point of rebellion. Personally, I don’t remember her rebelling THAT much against my more whimsical and all vintage choices. [I dressed her] like the Little Rascals.

On Kravitz stealing from Bonet’s closet:

Kravitz: All the time. More now than I did when I was younger. Because I feel like now we really understand each other’s style. Now she gives me awesome pieces from the 80s that she doesn’t wear anymore and I’m like, Score! She’ll give me an old tattered dress and be like, ‘You can wear it once, wear it well, dance in it until it falls apart.Article here


image by Sydnie Michele


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