Scene From Father’s Day

My favorite Father’s day photo via @roxysworld on instgram.
A scene I asked her to share a little bit about.
Early morning, with her handsome homelot on Dad’s special day.

“Father’s Day is a very special day for my boys because they just love to celebrate their daddy. The boys and I have been talking about Father’s Day for a  few days before and they told me all the special  things that they wanted to do for their daddy. They told me that they wanted to get him a new “stove”(a new grill) and that they wanted to  make him a special breakfast in bed that consisted of all his (and their) favorite foods. The little ones made him some homemade cards and a special  bracelet with his name on it. On Saturday my oldest and I went to Home Depot to choose daddy’s new “stove.” On Father’s Day morning the kids and I got up super early and went straight for the kitchen to make daddy’s special breakfast. The kids all ran to the refrigerator to get the things we needed, each fighting over who will help to crack the eggs or who will put the biscuits on the baking stone. When we finished making breakfast the boys all ran to the bedroom to tell Daddy to close his eyes because we had a surprise for him. As I walked in the room with the breakfast, all the boys jumped on the bed to gathered around their daddy, yelling “Happy Fathers Day, Daddy. We love you. Can we have some of your bacon?”

It was great day celebrating our favorite man.


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