Slow Days

It’s hard when your kids are out of school on summer break, to not get caught up in the idea that everyday should be some kind of grand spectacular adventure. I know for me, I am constantly weighed by the feeling that I need to get them out and involved in something “Fun” and fulfilling on a daily basis during the summer months while the days are wide open with opportunities to visit museums, the beach, camping, playing, creating, exploring, ect.But I’ve also come to the conclusion that it’s ok occasionally for us all to take it slow and not go or do much of anything because you are either downright exhausted, or in dire need of some household catch up. That sometimes, you have to sit out the sunny days due to laundry, and grocery runs, and that sometimes those days might involve extra tv time and peanut butter sandwiches in the backyard. Sometimes they sulk around the house like a bunch of damp rags because they’re “bored” and it’s only their brothers they have to play with. But on those days, when this dull and mundane environment ticks on and on, you start to see that they will in fact find ways to engage on their own. Making paper airplanes, piling rocks and racing hot wheels. They wander around barefoot to the neighbor’s house and score cones filled with brand name ice cream. They log onto you tube and become fully determined to make weapons out of old newspapers, they skateboard in the drive way with the sun beating hard on their bare shoulders, and fight and make up and fight and make up. In the end, they make the best of these unthought hours where nothing but their lunch on a paper plate is planned and the day begs them to make something out of it, instead of vice versa, which is how we tend to think it should always be.

Sure they are counting on what plans we have in store – beach bbq’s, new skate parks, weekend get aways with friends and plenty of day trips to all the places they all love and look forward to. But what they don’t know, is that some of their best memories are made in those quiet spaces amidst a boring house where mom is busy cleaning bathrooms and kitchen pantries and they only have each other to make something even slightly spectacular, out of their time together.


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