The Click Project

“I’m not normally one to make resolutions or at least not ones that resonate after a few weeks into January.  This year I wanted to change things up. One thing I knew I wanted to focus on was keeping my photography as a weekly practice.  This is why I was so excited to find #theclickproject on Instagram where you will find

many others who were looking for the same outlet and commitment.
#theclickproject was started by in an effort to consciously take a moment each week to pick up a “real” camera (basically anything that’s not a phone) and capture a day in the life of your child.  It takes some effort (phone captures are easier) but the quality is unmatched and the results are images that will print well at almost any size.  As a bonus, the project has exposed me to many other inspiring photographers.
For me, it has become a great meditation between my daughter and myself; something we share every week. Knowing there will be little memory for her of this period in time; I hope she can see from these images what a magical moment it was.”
For more photos of her lovely Brooklyn based family, follow along on Instagram at @firstcamelove


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