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Meet LaTonya. A Brooklyn based Mama of two with possibly the best smile (and wardrobe) on my Insta feed. With a new babe, a little lady and doting husband by her side, in addition to running a clothing company she started with her best friend, she makes everything about mastering life in the big city look like a breeze. I always look forward to seeing Latonya’s photos pop up because they are genuinely joy filled and chalk full of bold, vibrant tones in everything from the pattern of her dresses to her chosen home decor, to each of their mid week adventures they stake along such pretty Brooklyn quarters.

Here she shares a bit about life behind those images, and how they are spending their first summer together as a brand new family of four.

My name is LaTonya and I live in Brooklyn New York with my husband Peter, our daughter River (3 1/2) and our newborn baby boy Oak. We’re a young family that is growing in size, careers, and in experiences all at once.
We are raising our babies in our dream neighborhood of Clinton Hill Brooklyn in a sub-level apartment in an old mansion built in the mid-1800’s. As a mixed family, I wanted my kids to constantly be surrounded with children that also came from mixed families, as well as kids who do not. I believe that having them grow up and be able to  feel united with families that are somewhat similar to ours will be beneficial in their growth. Clinton Hill provides all of that. Our apartment is small, but perfect for us right now. Our days inside are spent dancing, watering plants, and building homes out of blocks. Despite the crazy paced life that we sometimes live, and that also waits for us outside on the busy streets of the city, we try and keep our moments indoors as easy as slow as possible.
Peter and I constantly juggle schedules as a freelancing family. He is a freelancing camera operator and editor. Between nursing babies and running to play dates, I spend my time blogging, styling and running Welkin New York City ( a children’s clothing line) with my partner and good friend, Belle. Our freelancing life gives us plenty of time as a unit, but also leaves unpredictability. Living in New York city where it seems as if everyone is juggling multiple -sometimes- unpredictable career roles is so good for us.
We are spending our summer snapping way too many photos, loving on our newest family member, and adventuring.

LaTonya’s BLOG
Instagram / @Latonyavette

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