For Love of the Cup

“A smoke, a book, a cup of coffee.
These are the little things that get us through this sometimes weary world and all the rainy days.”

― R.M. Engelhardt,
The Resurrection Waltz Poems R.M. Engelhardt


In college coffee was a kind of casual accessory for me. It’s what you did as an English major, sat around a plastic table in the shade at the makeshift coffee shop in between classes clinging to a bottomless cup, smoking cigarettes and debating the world at large with fellow (usually denim clad, equally caffeinated) undergrads. I could never really pull off the smoking, and actually never had much of an interest, but did my best to always look like I was damn near desperate for one more cup. Now days I really am. Waking up to four kids just after the sun’s come up, it’s become one of my day’s greatest highlights. I look forward to the smell, and sound of it brewing. I like to prepare it before I feed everyone breakfast and then try to enjoy it while I sit down alone in the dinning room to read emails and catch up online. It’s an hour I give to myself. The boys get to indulge in their morning cartoons and I snag that brief period of peace where I can think soundly while answering mail, paying bills, or editing blog posts.

On a particularly rough day, I might crave a second cup late afternoon. It’s usually when I’m feeling torn between a stiff end of the day cocktail, or another helping of caffeine. On the good days, an iced coffee wins. On the bad days, an end of the evening glass of wine kicks coffee in the head.

Here, a few of my friends share their own ‘love of the cup’ sentiments and we welcome you to join in and do the same, sharing bits of your own coffee rituals here in the comments section, or via instagram under the hashtag #loveofthecup to accompany those pretty mug shots we’ve all come to know and love.

Come on play. Should be fun!


I started drinking coffee my second year at UCSB, when I moved out of the dorms and in with two of my best friends. Waking up slowly with caffeine in our hands, discussing the night before, and what we had planned for the day was our constant — quickly becoming a steadfast tradition. Two years later I was sharing my bed, my tiny isla vista studio and my morning coffee with my then boyfriend, waking up slowly together each morning.
That was 20 years ago, that boyfriend is now my husband, and our oldest daughter is 10 years old. While my morning drink is now tea with soy, the ritual remains the same. He usually wakes up before me and heats the water, pouring most of it in his chemex, then pouring a little in a tea filled mug he knows I would choose myself. These are our cherished few moments of calm before the chaos.”

I’ve been drinking coffee since before I can remember. Maybe it’s a Louisiana thing, but my sister and I literally drank it from one of those 1980s Tupperware sippy cups. Mainly milk and sugar, just a little coffee. In high school, you could open my locker and at least 4 travel mugs would tumble out towards you from the top of text books. I even drank one cup every morning throughout my pregnancy to stave off the migraine that is sure to follow if I skip my morning ritual. The tricky part was that the smell of regular coffee would make me nauseated. In the small town where my office is located, there is an adorable couple who own a coffee shop and the would concot me some sort of beverage that was mainly steamed whole milk and a little bit of coffee. Every barista knew my order, and the old men who sit outside of the shop each morning closely monitored my pregnancy. “Girl, you look like you done swallered a basketball,” they said. “How are you feeling today?” “How’s that baby? Is she kickin’?” I loved it. Now that I’m no longer pregnant, coffee is what my husband and I share over our morning coversations while watching our 9 month old learn to crawl. Coffee. It keeps my world a-movin’ and my conversations lively.

It is said that God gave us wine to cheer the heart. I also believe that God gave us coffee to get us out    of bed in the morning. It is one of the first things I think of when I wake up and occasionally I’ll go to bed looking forward to that hot cup that will be waiting for me come morning. Preparing it is a morning ritual and sharing it with another is pure delight! I think what I enjoy best is that is symbolizes a rest, a calm before a busy day, a time when I don’t feel bad for just sitting and relaxing.


I drink Dunkin Donuts in a French press at home every morning. (I’ve heard it has the most caffeine!) I take a cup with me too. It gets me through the day spent on my feet listening to people’s secrets!

When you’re pregnant and have a 3 year old to look after, coffee consumption is non-negotiable. I started brewing half decaf/half regular (I know…half chemicals, half caffeine, which probably equals 100% poison). No guilt here though. I  usually don’t even finish a full mug, and yet it is so essential to feeling human in the morning. While I typically take my coffee black, throughout this pregnancy I’ve been drinking it with a substantial amount of coconut oil and cream to satisfy my body’s craving for fat. Mmmm….is it morning yet?

I don’t drink coffee every day but when I do, I add a lot of cream.
Coldstone Delight creamer at that. Straight off the Keurig because I am fancy.
The choice of mug is muy importante and changes daily based off my mood.
On school mornings I slurp greedily and as fast as I can.
On weekends and over the summer, I take it to a spot in my house that I love to curl up with my phone.
I usually never finish, because the end of a lukewarm coffee is just as bad as the end of a lukewarm beer.


9 Responses

  • Thank you for a refreshing blog on motherhood that isn’t focused on blatant consumerism & “must haves”. This is so amazing & I look forward to reading more!

  • For me, over here in the UK it’s a cup of tea-good old English Breakfast tea. I almost can’t even speak in the mornings without having one….Ok, usually two. It’s my desert island drink.
    ps. Love the pretty mugs!

  • A quarter cup of coffee, filled to the top with foamy whole milk. I drank a cupful every morning of my pregnancy. Now that the babe is here, the tradition continues. Cheers to coffee and the husbands who brew it.

  • I was a staunch tea drinker until I was pregnant with my second child, a son. Suddenly I had to have a highly sugared and caffeinated drink from Starbucks. I would totally get ‘the look’ and stares from the baristas and other onlookers but I didn’t care.

  • Now my son is two and I have to have my morning cup of black coffee. I love the routine and simplicity of it. A wooden coffee scoop, a tea kettle, and a Chemex. I love brewing the coffee and if I’m holding my son, we will both lean into the smoke vapors, close our eyes, inhale the aroma

  • I could have written the intro to this post. It fits my love of brewing and sipping my morning coffee to a T. I brew mine in a french press and take it with some french vanilla Natural Bliss and full teaspoon of turbinado cane sugar. Ever since moving to Hawaii we’ve been lucky to be introduced to Kona coffee. Wow, talk about a punch. It’s so good.

  • I like to joke that I hardly drank coffeea all, until I had kids, and then somewhere wine got thrown in there, too. On a typical weekday, one to two cups of a strong colombian blend is my choice. At home, an espresso in my Zabars mug gets the job done. Most full cups get cold by the time I can sit down to drink it. Best coffee I have come across so far is the kona blend from Santa Barbara Roasting Company. Got me through the 14 hour road trip to Napa!


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