You are a teenager now, reborn. You don’t understand your parents you don’t want a life like theirs. All your peers are hunting and gathering. You fall for the pretty boy’s lines. You know better but it feels good to be on somebodies arm, everybody looking at you looking at him. You meet someone when no one is looking. He has the balls to come in and come back, and come back, and come back. Its so easy you don’t even notice until he says i love you like he can’t hold the words in his mouth any longer. You are reborn now, his. You begin to grow into each other, intertwining until the lines are blurred were you begin and he ends. Its probably not healthy but you feel pretty fucking sturdy. He asks and you say yes. Your dad gives you over and there is a moment in between when you are on your own. You forgot what it feels like to belong to no one, to have no one. You make a home together. It’s rickety walls hum and swell with your life. You love each other in private, exist in secret. You make a baby right there in your home. You are reborn, hers now. You bask in the glow of his awe, you are growing his daughter. Life repurposed you thrive for the child within you. You are finally free of the burden of yourself, less me more we. Wait waiting wait. They place her on your chest. Finally, born.


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