Designed By Francis

A few months back, while visiting Jamie for dinner, I spotted one of these delightful creations atop their coffee table. Her son Henry happily pushing his toy cars up and down the ramps. It was something I had been searching for for quite awhile seeing how much my own boys enjoyed the vintage dollhouse at my mom’s house, crowded with anything from furry woodland creatures to hot wheels.
Good news is Jamie’s friend Francis finally opened up shop via Etsy so we can all appreciate his handiwork, designs that offer up a nice neutral space for kids to create their own use for. A modern dollhouse, a parking garage, a landing strip, all and anything in between.
AND still look great in the middle of the living room, atop a coffee table during a late night dinner party.
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  • I remember having something similar to this when i was a kid. Brings back fond memories. I love that it leaves playtime open ended.


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