Through The Years

One of the first photography books I ever purchased was The Family of Man by Edward Steichen. It contained snapshots of the human experience–from birth to war to love to illness to joy to death. Flipping through its pages, it was impossible not to realize that so much of life is universal–regardless of continent or culture or circumstance. We all feel similar emotions, even when they’re attached to unique experiences. Despite differences, we are all so alike. When I became a mother, I felt much of the same connection to a bigger whole. All mothers know the same agonies and achievements, the same triumphs and tears. No matter where we are from, we are bonded by our role in raising children. Recently, photographer Ken Heyman came across an old box labeled “Mothers,” filled with images he shot more than 50 years ago. These beautiful images, half a century later, remind us that while times change, the relationship between mother and child stays the same.


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