Worn & Overworn

I thought it would be fun to ask a few of my friends to name their “most worn” outfit or clothing item currently in their wardrobe rotation. I know plenty of us have a closet crowded with clothes but in reality only wear a handful of them on the regular. In my case, I tend to alternate between about five or 6 outfits. All of which are quite roomy, and, at the moment, naturally nurse friendly.
Here, these lovely ladies share a bit about their own picks. Choices ranging from beloved summer staples to favorite “go-tos” they have come to depend on no matter the season at hand. And for those of you up for it, come on and join us in sharing your own ‘over-worn’ item via Instagram using the hashtag #WORNANDOVERWORN.
Show us what you’re wearing!
Mine is an Old Lands End shirt dress that I found at goodwill. It’s airy, and perfect for summer.
I would live in Caftans if I could (a la Elizabeth Taylor!) I’m always on the look for them and head straight to the dress section of any thrift store or flea market. One of my most treasured is a bright floral Neiman Marcus from the 1960s.

My favorite ‘go to’ is a black Alexander Wang T shirt. Simple for every day casual wear, throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans and a cute pair of sandals or dress it up with a nice jacket, black skinnies, booties and some jewels. Super comfy and perfectly long. I wear it every other day!


This is my most worn piece of clothing by far…. I love it because it is super light weight, airy, comfy and yet has these colors and style to it that always feels right. I also like that it was a hand me down and has holes in it. Its well loved, that is certain!

Vintage wraps skirts are a dime a dozen, but I don’t recall ever having seen many maxi lengths, so I can’t believed I gave pause before buying this at the rose bowl. And when you factor in how much I now wear it (running after Henry at the park, out to dinner with Ben, over my swimsuit at the beach, it’s so perfect and easy!) I’d now gladly pay three times what I did if I had to replace it. My favorite pairing is a thin as possible white tee and black bra. Or for some great patten contrast my Mara Hoffman one piece swimsuit. For a bonus, this little stack of bracelets that never leave my wrist; two friendship braceletes, a bronze cuff made by my amazingly talented friend Erin, of Active Culture Family, and a turquoise cuff in the most perfect green that my mom bought before I was born at circus circus casino. She worked there as a cocktail waitress and passed by it for every day for weeks before finally asking my dad if they could afford the extra 25 dollars. Ah. Broke and in love in the late 70s. So glad she splurged!


I’d been coveting this oversized cardigan from American Apparel for at least a year when I finally sprung for it last winter. Best fashion decision I made as a pregnant lady. You can dress it up for work meetings or wear it to keep warm when a night drinking beers on the porch turns chilly. It feels classic and modern all at once. It’s like a chic walking security blanket. That’s my kind of everyday fashion 🙂

My current most worn article of clothing is this thrifted kaftan. It’s light, flowy and perfect.

My number one go-to has been the same for over a decade now. A seventies western button down shirt I inherited from my mom back in my early twenties. I’ve always loved the way it fits, that it’s super thin so I can still wear it comfortably in the summer with cut offs, and yet still provides enough warmth in the cooler months. It’s one item I seem to never tire of.

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