Puree + Simple Baby Food

Baby food. What’s the haps?
I began my slight obsession with fresh baby food back in 2012. My friends were poppin’ out babies left and right, and for a city like Nashville to not have a fresh baby food option seemed crazy to me. So, I started Chubby Bunny Baby Food. I fell down the rabbit hole (pun intended) of purees, herbs and spices, and the most delicious, nutrient-dense way to feed a baby solids should they be so inclined. What started as a hobby for friends and loved ones has become one of the most fulfilling and challenging jobs I could ever ask for.


What’s all this talk about purees vs. BLW?
Lordy. I think every parent who is embarking on solids with their little one reads a million different articles on the pros and cons of purees and/or Baby Led Weaning. In the end, though? Choose what you think is best for your baby, and what your little one responds best to! I have friends who swear by a little of both – purees for more exposure to different foods and flavors, and BLW for experiencing food textures and increasing dexterity.


Am I a horrible person if I don’t want to/don’t have time to make my baby’s food?
Of course not. A lot of my customers feel this undeserved sense of guilt for not having the time or proclivity to make baby food. There are fresh baby food options out there for parents who don’t necessarily want to buy what’s sitting on grocery store shelves (hint: we ship!), but in the end? Find what works best for you + your family.


If you do want to make your own food, shopping for local and organic produce is going to be your best bet. Not only is it more affordable most of the time, it’s a great way to support your local community and invest in your small business neighbors. Much our produce comes from local farmers and I can personally attest to the flavor richness of the fruits and veggies that come from local goods.


Do baby foods have to be plain Jane?
Nope. Babies around the world start eating herbs and (mild) spices from a young age, and we use fresh basil, mint, cinnamon, ginger and curry on a daily basis in our blends. Have fun with it! Studies have shown babies tend to have a more defined palate and are willing to try new foods when they’ve been exposed to a variety of flavors between 6 – 18 months. Wholesome Baby Food is a great resource when coming up with new and inventive recipes.


So. Are you ready to make some delicious baby food that you, in fact, will probably eat, as well? This recipe is one of our most popular, and is amazing mixed with oatmeal, plain yogurt, or in pancake mix!



Sweet Sully:
Oven-Roasted Beets + Apples with Cinnamon
1 medium beet
4 apples (golden delicious or any of your choosing)
1.      Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
2.      Wash produce, peel beet and core apples.
3.      Cut beet and apples into quarters and place in a 13 x 9 pan.
4.      Sprinkle with cinnamon.
5.      Fill pan with 1 inch of water and cover with foil.
6.      Bake for 45 minutes, or until beet can be pierced easily with fork.
7.      Use slotted spoon to scoop beets and apples into food processor and blend.
8.      Slowly add remaining cooking water to food processor until desired consistency is achieved
9.      Fill freezer trays and freeze overnight.


That’s it! This gorgeous pink puree contains fiber, potassium, and Vitamin C. You can also add yummy blueberries to the mix if you’re feeling frisky and there’s no allergy concerns. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at my information below, as well. Thanks!


Jem Boyd
Instagram: @chubbybunnybebe

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