On being late

it’s official. my due date has come and gone, just as it did with my first. everyone is on pins and needles awaiting this sweet babe’s arrival. my body is like a ticking time bomb, just waiting for the baby to find that magic exit button, however I can’t help but feel a sense of calm as everyone else rides the wave of anticipation. I’ve been here once before, with my son Wolf who was ten days late. and even though I’m truly not surprised, there’s definitely a little part of me who’d thought or perhaps hoped that he’d be here already.

everything about this pregnancy has been different. I wasn’t feeling as off during my first trimester. I haven’t felt as tired. my body has been in a whole lot more pain. but the baby being late? I should have expected this. I’m convinced that my uterus is a luxury suite, all cozy and warm. I mean, really… who can blame the guy for wanting to hang out a little while longer? no loud noises, no bright lights. just comfort.

I go to bed each night, thinking about labor and the new baby: who he’ll look like, what will his temperament be like, will labor start with my water breaking again or how the delivery will go… but mostly I think about adding another child into our lives. part of me is absolutely terrified of the transition. I love my time with Wolf. I love that he’s my little buddy and I love that he’s attached to my hip. and I don’t want to loose all that. but then again, I want him to experience what I never did – what it’s like to have a sibling. a brother!! someone to play with and someone to grow up with.

any day now, baby boy. I’m ready to see those feet that jab me in the ribs. I’m ready to kiss your sweet cheeks. and mostly, we’re ready for you to enter our lives and rock our world just a wee bit.

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