If we are being honest here I have to admit that my son was named after a guilty pleasure.

As a young teenager I was introduced to one of my all time favourite movies, Empire Records, yup that’s right a straight to VHS classic.  For any of you who may be familiar with this movie, there is one character in particular that was by far my favourite, Lucas, who was played by an actor named Rory Cochrane.  Now fast forward a few years, as an “older” teenager I couldn’t get enough of strangely addictive (and by times borderline annoying) Gilmore Girls, the mother/ daughter duo Lorelei and Rory.  Needless to say the name Rory has always been a part of my pop culture psyche, and when I found out my second born was a boy, there was never any question for me, he was a Rory, and you know what, so far I’d say it suits him pretty good.

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