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Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop by and let you know that so far this blog is moving in exactly the direction I had hoped it would and that I am very proud of the efforts of my friends and so many others who write me, sharing pieces of themselves and their experiences in contributing posts here on The Ma Books. It really is growing into a beautiful community and I thank you all for being a part of it on a weekly basis.

On that note, I’ve decided to throw out a new idea I’ve been contemplating for awhile now to see how it goes.

The way it works:

A grocery list of sorts, based on the familiar potluck mentality aimed at pulling in a good variety of posts for the upcoming month so that instead of me hounding you all to simply “write something” I’ll be requesting specific topics and letting readers claim which ones they feel they might wish to tackle. Not only would it help me lighten the load here – as I hope to keep this space as consistent as possible but in reality might have a hard time with all things considered (four kids, nursing, school duties, work, and home upkeep – just in case you are not familiar) but it also helps to ensure that this site remains well rounded, and overall, a fun and enlightening place for us all to visit.

Here I’ve listed a few ideas I am currently interested in for the upcoming

month, so if any one of you finds any of them to be something up your alley, please send them to:

With love & thanks,

October Pot Luck


1. Birth Stories. Everybody loves ’em. Tell us about yours. The good, the bad, the unexpected.

2. Married folks – First dates. What, when, where?

3. A post dedicated to any particular year your child is, and how it’s been for you. How is being mother to a 4, a 10, or 16 year old?

4. Show us your weekly wardrobe essentials. What is it that you are loving most? Or simple outfit posts, however you choose to share them.

5. Kid Art. I have post I’m working on & would love it if you all could send in some photos (along with brief details) of your little one’s creative endeavors.

6. Poems. Those things we use to scrawl in our beloved journals as teenagers. Go on. Dust them off and send some here.

7. Flashback photos. All I need is a photo, a year and some kind of sentiment behind it. Brief as you   prefer. Flashbacks never disappoint.

8. Room tours. What’s your favorite room, or corner in your home. Show us!

9. Awkward family photos. I have a LOT. I’m guessing some of you do too. . .

10. A post about Your child’s name, and how you came to settle on it.

11. Expecting. Whether it’s your first of your fifth. We love seeing and hearing a bit about your pregnancies. This feature usually includes a couple photos and a short account of what you are feeling, hoping, enduring while ‘expecting.’

12. Crafts. Of any nature. Let’s see ’em!

13. The trials of Divorce. Any way you care to share about it.

And lastly, recipes. These days I don’t have a whole lot of time to devout to testing and photographing new (food) stuff, but would very much appreciate it if a couple of you did.

Thanks so much guys! Can’t wait to see some of these ingredients roll in.
I have a feeling October is going to be good fun because of it.


p.s: and don’t forget, random contributions, constructed on your own accord are always welcomed and much appreciated too.

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  • How about finding “me time”, avoiding the constant need to acquire, and living with less stuff. Also, how to purge baby items without crying all the time. 🙂 these things and more are on my mind this week.

  • Hi Jessica, I’d love to contribute a few bits if I can get my brain together ( ‘an ode to the magical age of three’ and maybe birth story as might be interesting to hear about how things are done in the UK). Is there an email to send contributions to? Also I keep a family recipe blog and would be happy to share any recipe you fancy – I get asked most for my vietnamese salad recipe (it’s cheap and v tasty) but I’d say most family friendly/easy to make recipes would be the spring risotto or roast veg with goats cheese and cous cous, or butternut squash and feta salad. Oh and 10 min veg stir fry. As we live in the rainy cold UK I’ve got a number of 1 pot stews, soups and casseroles! I’m 1/2 spanish and everyone seems to love my green lentils with chorizo and also my Basque piperade with fried eggs! My blog is a bit of a memory dump for me but I could remove the personal references/pictures and just send the recipe. If anything is of interest just let me know and of course no problems if it isn’t! Loving the Pot luck suggestions! xx

    • ha ha we are quite foodie in our family! it’s and I’m happy to share any recipe you like. I’ve tried to make it simple to use and family friendly so in the left side bar under the RECIPES page I’ve divided by meal type (breakfast/lunch/pasta/soup etc) and under CATEGORIES by time and other things (cooks in less than 15 mins, easy to cook with kids etc). But I’m not tip top with technology so it’s not amazing nor is the photography! I’m not a professional! It’s also UK measurements but I’d be happy to switch over to US cups and also edit so it’s just the recipe, not my ramblings! My friends are nice about it and are trying the recipes but I’m mainly using it as a record for me and for my kids if they want it! Do let me know if anything takes your fancy. Also for other contributions (like birth story etc) how is the best way to send them to you? Does the Ma Books have an email? P xx

  • I’m always down to hear recipes! Especially easy ones :). Additionally, BLW is something I considered with my first, but now pregnant with my second, I am seriously contemplating it. I’d love to hear experiences from mommas out there.

    And, I love your Instagram feed, Jessica! I was born and raised in Cali, now living now in NYC, and I get a beautiful nostalgia from looking at your lovely scenes and imagery of your family. With my first boy on the way, I’m getting excited — I was initially hoping for another girl, but definitely turned and happy I get to experience having a son! :). I’m private on instagram because I’m a psychologist and need to keep a low pro on social media in today’s day and age. So, you don’t know me, but I really enjoy what you’ve done and are doing!

    So, thank you.

  • Hey! I would love to write something on separation/divorce. (I just recently left my husband so the timing seems sort of fortuitous there.) How does this work? Do I send a completed post to you by a certain date? I have a specific idea in mind, and could draft a post in a few days. Thanks 🙂

    • You can write something and send it whenever it feels ready, Rachel. No strict deadlines here. Just fishing for posts to have in stock to help keep the flow.

      Thank you for your interest!

    • HI Charlotte!

      What was your first submission regarding? The first few weeks after the baby things could a little hectic so I feel like there are a handful of initial posts I may still be overlooking!

    • It was called Sweet as Pie! It was about savoring moments with our children and a little slice (ha!) about having one special needs child & one healthy child. And no worries! I imagine you’re crazy busy! 🙂 I may still submit something for your potluck.

  • Hi Jessica,
    I’d love to share the stories of how my children came to me, one by adoption, one by premature birth, maybe in two parts? I haven’t blogged in forever, but if you want to check me out, it’s still there, gathering dust like a scrapbook on a shelf ;)


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