I’ve probably mentioned it before, on my own blog at some point, but Missa was one of the first bloggers I found and followed when I signed up to Blogspot almost 4 years ago. In her blog I found a warm, genuine vibe. I enjoyed what she wrote about, the photos she shared, the events she attended around that crazy cool little hippie town of hers, and of course the outfits she wore to all of the above. In fact those posts were some of my all time favorite seeing how at ease she appeared in the photos: cool and effortless in her always unique wardrobe pairings. Unlike some of us (I’m talking mainly about ME here) who tend to fail desperately at achieving such things while attempting similar style posts. And naturally, she inspired me to want to “mix things up” in my own clothing.  

Luckily, this blog is becoming more and more a wonderful way of pulling in women I love and admire from all corners of the earth together in one spot to share pieces of themselves and their journeys as they wish. I can think of a hundred things I would want to know (and share) about Missa on The Ma Books but for now I am quite thrilled having her pretty face and lovely outfits gracing the site to introduce our very first “STYLE” post. 

Fingers crossed she feels the love and agrees to do it again sometime soon. 
And the same goes for the rest of you out there too. 


It’s been awhile since I’ve done this. Taken backyard outfit pics to share with the good people of the internets, that is. When Jessica very sweetly requested a style contribution to this wonderful new blog community of hers, well, how could I resist? As a mama and a woman, I’m so inspired by the various forms of creative expression coming out of this space and excited to be a part of it, even if just to say: “Hey look, I wore this…” She also referred to me as “the queen of outfit posts,” so, you know, who says no to that?

The weekend following her message, I attended a showcase of local artisans and craftspeople and took a moment beforehand to go out to the garden and document my outfit. The 90’s stretch velvet print dress I wore was a thrift find in San Francisco a few years back while visiting my friend Mary. It features a print of Boticelli’s famous painting Primavera. I got quite a few compliments on it that night. Boots and vintage top, thrifted as well. The polished crystals necklace was a gift made by my friend Milla and the other necklace was a gifted seashore treasure that I wrapped in wire and strung on a chain.
As I was photographing my outfit, I looked over to see an auspicious little garden friend in the flowers right next to me! Did you know that the praying mantis is the only insect that has the ability to look over it’s shoulder at you?


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