Written by Ken Elliot
Ilustrated by Whitney Gardner

I am so excited to share news of my friend Whitney’s newest venture. A children’s book, written by her uncle Ken Elliott, illustrated by her, being released today.

The book is a collaboration a long time in the making. When I dropped by to visit Whit at her home last month she shared some of the book’s initial sketches, drawings she started back in high school when her uncle first approached her with the idea for the book. Since then it’s been a long labor of love for them both as anyone with even a sliver of experience with the publishing world can attest, it can be very extremely difficult to get even the greatest things in print. Luckily, the two of them refused to give up.

The Wish is a simple, touching story centered around a father daughter relationship that spans through early childhood into late adulthood. With regular walks to the fountain, two coins in hand, the little girl is always secretly wondering what it is that her father is wishing for. He explains upon her inquiry one day that he cannot reveal the nature of it for fear that it might not come true.

It isn’t until many years later, when his ‘little girl’ returns home, regretting the distance that’s grown between her home and her father that she finally discovers what his one and only wish was all those years. And in the end, let’s just say it’s the same one we all share for our children on the whole.

It’s a beautiful book with a heartfelt message.
Please consider picking up a copy for your own home book collection or a gift for someone. Supporting small publishing feels good. Reading the book aloud to your kids at night does too.

Thank you in advance for your support.

THE WISH: Available HERE

Whitney’s art shop HERE
Vintage “junkyard” clothing goods HERE


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