A Week’s Wardrobe

“A Week’s Wardrobe” is a feature I’ve had in mind for awhile now, but understand that it does require real effort to photograph yourself seven (or six!) days straight, so I am very grateful that Lauren was the first to Oblige.
Hopefully it will inspire a few of you to do the same.
Monday: head scarf: http://everythinggoldenshop.com + white cotton shirt + gray skinny jeans
Mondays have become relaxing days, surprisingly! They are days when the house is quiet and I usually settle down to finish up on the weekend’s laundry, catch up on blogging for the coming week, and most likely grab a coffee at some point after dropping the boys off at school in the morning. A head scarf means no shower necessary! And this one is so pretty, I actually feel pulled together.
Tuesday: rrelaxed top + tie dyed leggings + cotton Mary Jane flats
This is what I wore on a rainy dreary day to run a few errands and attend a Bar Method class. I have this funny thing against wearing workout clothes out in public, but if they are fun, like tie dyed leggings, and I can cover up a bit with the non-workout top, it passes my test. Also, I usually don’t go for cheap shoes, but until I can save for the real thing, I needed something to lounge around in! I ended up spending the entire afternoon painting once I returned from my class — I changed my shirt, but risked it with the leggings. I figured a bit of paint splatter couldn’t entirely hurt these!
Wednesday: gray cropped shell + gray skinny jeans + handmade brass necklace
This is the type of thing I wear out for breakfast with a friend. It is pulled together but casual, and the vintage Frye boots give it just enough of a kick up since it’s a pretty monochromatic outfit. Also, I love how the shape of the necklace reflect the seams on the shirt! A small detail that I appreciate!
Thursday: gray knits + cognac boots
Thursdays are days I really look forward to! I have a little tradition of going to a coffee shop to read and/or write articles or blog and plan meals for the week, then I go grocery shopping. I like to be comfortable and this is about as comfortable as it gets!
Friday: black + sand + patterned wool scarf
I actually hung out and cleaned and THEN put this on to go have lunch with a friend. I am also wearing leggings and a thin tank top underneath to take me straight to a workout class. It works!
Saturday: scarf as shawl + long knit skirt + white cotton shirt
We always go for a nice long walk on Saturday morning, usually to get breakfast and then head to the playground. Saturdays are family days. We may find ourselves running into many people we know while we are out and about, so the addition of a little interest with the scarf is a nice way to feel pulled together, even though I’m just wearing a bunch of comfy cotton clothes.
And that’s what I wore for a week!

For more of Lauren’s fab fashion picks, visit her HERE, where they are featured on the regular.

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