Summer Snapshots


These photographs were taken during our one long weekend at Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island, DE last summer. We only had four days to relax before we had to get back to some activities and work at home, and we had some special friends to visit with while there — including one of my best girl friends since the third grade. Not only have we known each other practically forever, but my daughter, Willa, was born on her daughter, Caroline’s due date. They are five days apart, and as you can see instant friends whenever they meet.

The waves in this part of the Atlantic crash right on shore, and the sand pitches down into the ocean. We had never ventured beyond that shore break with our girls, ever, until this trip. But now that we have, I can tell we will always swim out past that first big swell to be surrounded by the calm and salty rise and fall of the ocean. I was playing with a Nikonos V that I was putting my first roll of Tri-X through. I found a grocery store rubber band in my beach bag to use as a wrist strap, tied it to the camera and swam out to be with my little family. I didn’t know what I would actually get on film, but I love how that small, old, tank-like film camera saved these bits of our vacation forever.



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