A Week’s Wardrobe

Monday – thrifted top + black skinnies + booties

I ran around town getting ready for my friends upcoming wedding. Making sure my girlfriend and I had everything outfit wise, cocktail making wise and snack wise we would need for our four day stay in Palm Springs. I also hit Target, Goodwill and the grocery store, Monday is my night to cook so I always check Skinnytaste before I leave to plan my meal. It’s my go to for great recipes that are good and a little healthier.

Tuesday – flannel + black skinnies + oxblood boots

Stopped at Inteligentsia for a latte on my bus ride to work. It was a slower day for me, and my last client was a friend. He had been having a rough go of it up until recently, so I had been giving him free haircuts until he could get back on his feet. He and I love the theater, so to say thank you he surprised me with tickets to see Pippin later that evening. I should have taken a picture of that outfit too! (I dress up, no jeans at the theater!) It was a great show!

Wednesday – striped shirt + camo jacket + black skinnies + converse

Walked the dogs before I headed into work. Some days you’ll have an entirely booked day and one by one people start moving around their appointments. My day went from 11-7 to 11-1 in a matter of an hour! So with all my new free time I was able to convince my coworker that giving me a few highlights on her lunch break would be super fun for her! My girlfriend had not been feeling well lately and had gone home sick from work, I headed home as soon as my hair was done to check on her. I spent the rest of the night chatting with friends and looking through and tagging clothing options for my upcoming plus size site.
Thursday – doberman shirt + leather jacket + black leggings + converse
This Doberman shirt is one of my favs, my girlfriend found it on amazon and sent it to me while she was away on a business trip. Hopefully she’ll send me the real thing someday, I have a mini pin called Theodore for now! Today was my first day at jury duty, so I dressing comfy was a must. I passed the time reading, working on the blog, making lists, and drinking bad coffee. I got called in after lunch. If you’ve never been called in, let me tell you, it’s so intense. You get a list of questions to answer orally and they aren’t easy! I ended my night sharing a much needed bottle of wine with my girlfriend.

Friday – plaid caftan + oxblood boots

Back at jury duty, this time in court most of the day. I made it into the jury box and then was quickly dismissed by the prosecutor. Hallelujah! I headed to The Ace for an iced latte to celebrate! Then swung by Oak (one of my favorite stores) to pick up something for a friend in NYC. I was pumped to be wearing this caftan (a fav of mine) because I had finished it the night before. I jumped on the bus home and spent the rest of my day picking up, cleaning out my closet and playing with the dogs.

Sat – les shirt + black skinnies + booties

I start work super early Sat, so I’m on the bus at 6:30am. My first client isn’t until 8:00, but I hate the chance of being late. My first client was a friend of mine who’s been working on American Horror Story since season one. It’s always so great to see her and she has the best inside scoop on the show! It was a super long day, so oversized tshirts, (really anything that shows my love for NYC), skinnies and my Sam Edelman booties make my life a little easier. We had dinner with friends that night and then went for a few cocktails.

That’s what I wore for a week!

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