D.I.Y. Hanging Mobile

While I’m sure inner craftiness is a quality that will increasingly be stoked by motherhood, I have historically proven to be more of a crafty-in-theory rather than crafty- in-practice kind of gal. If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure there’s a whole lot of D.I.Y. ideas knocking around in your noggin that haven’t yet seen the light of day.Back when I was pregnant, and casting around for nursery inspiration, I decided I wanted to make my own mobile for over Wyatt’s crib. I already had a metal hanging photo mobile – why not just come up with something cheap and cheerful to dangle from it?

Well, Wyatt just celebrated his six month birthday, and while the nursery is still a work in progress (and, at this rate, may always be), I am proud to report that my homebrew hanging mobile is officially up and running. The theme? Paper airplanes of all colors, makes and models. Plenty cheerful, cheap enough, and lots of surface area visible from baby’s point-of-view.


It may have taken me two weeks to complete, but in the end it was simple enough that I thought I’d share. All you need is your trusty pall Amazon and the following search phrases: “hanging photo mobile,” “origami paper” and “origami how-to’s.”
Happy folding!

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