Friday Flashback

I posted this photo of my mom on my instagram a few days ago. It’s always been my favorite picture of her. I asked her about it the morning I posted it and this is what she told me…

“This picture was taken in 1977. I was 26 and I never had any money to get my haircut so I just let it grow.  I never had money for makeup either. I had a little apartment on the north side. I only had a little bit of furniture, a mattress and a tiny tv. Your dad took this picture. He was probably there because we were on one of our breaks from each other. I only stayed at my apartment when we were broken up. That’s our stray dog, Scoop, we found in Mill Creek Park and took in. He brought Scoop over to try and talk me into coming back.  He was the best at getting me back. He always won.”
         instagram- finnandjane_

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