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Her quirky Island style and impressive knack for layering, mixing, and restyling all walks of vintage gems that make up what I’m assuming to be her entire wardrobe, is probably the very least you should know about Milla Prince. Or at least one trait you come to admire long after you’ve learned a little more about how well she writes, how she’s never one to shy away from fierce political posts, or her beliefs, and just how refreshingly honest, open, considerate and cool she is in prose. And in short, after realizing that she is a definitely a gal you should have on your regular radar, if in fact you don’t already.
I am honored to have her here in contribution, in any way shape or form. Even if this time it’s simply detailing what she wore and did in a week’s time on that ever mysterious little island she calls home.
Thanks so much for sharing, M. I’m happy to admit my jealousy over how well you work your version of 90’s grunge revival.

Monday: Charged with moving wood in temperatures still pretty close to freezing, I fail to dress appropriately, but what else is new. Living in the country has its challenges when it comes to style. To keep my toes warm I opted for my trusty pointy-toed Finn boots known as Lapikkaat, with a vintage 90s dress and my favorite (I have like five-oops) Icelandic sweater that I got in Iceland last year. I love it’s unusual colors.

Tuesday: A vintage L.L Bean “fareisle”  cardigan and a dress from Red Light Vintage in Portland, suffice for work. Floral dresses and cardigans are pretty much my staples, as is not matching. I’m the chronic overdresses around here. Where some sensible folks might agree that one pattern per outfit is plenty. Not I. I’ll throw some patterned tights under that stuff.
Wednesday: I would call this my “governess”-look 😉 This 1930s dress came from Portland via my sister and I wore it go see a local production of Tempest with my homeschooling friend. The “pebble” tote was a gift from a trade with a really talented maker friend Inge of Windward Made.
Thursday: Wore pretty much the same thing as Tuesday, I think.
Friday: Vests and rubber boots are both totally my jam and this vest from my friend Amber, the proprieties of “Haunted Threads” is one of my best-loved pieces. She gave it to me for my birthday four years ago and I wear it almost weekly.  I wear mostly vintage and hold onto my clothes pretty steady. The bright yellow skirt is a Finnish thrift find from seven years ago. The “Feminism Is Freedom” T-shirt is by the amazing artist Phoebe Wahl. It’s one of the few new pieces I’ve gotten over the last year.  Floral Russian scarves are a big part of my style and this one like many of my favorites used to be my mom’s. She gave it my for my wedding <3 ps. The weather in the Pacific Northwest sometimes makes outfit shots quite challenging 😉
Saturday: On the ferry ride to visit Charlie’s family and celebrate his grandmother’s birthday I wore whatever came out of the closet at 5 AM, when we were scrambling to catch the red-eye. Some of my favorite items of clothing have come from our county dump, where in addition to garbage and recycling there’s also a “take it or leave it”, with household items, clothing and furniture. Both this 90s dress and the sweater came from there. The brown vintage Justin Roepers are my are my very favorite shoes. They go with everything and are super practical.
Sunday: Catching the ferry back from Port Townsend, WA, I spent a little time checking out our favorite coffee shops, used book stores and antique haunts in an embroidered Hungarian blouse (1€  at my favorite Finnish flea market) and Charlie’s Kowichan sweater.Upon arrival to Charlie’s mom’s I discovered that all the clothes I’d grabbed were actually dirty, except for this blouse and these jeans. So much for my ideas on a nice dress for dinner. Ah, the country life…or maybe it’s just me…

Find Milla’s Blog HERE
And her handmade / vintage stocked Etsy Shop HERE

edit: forgive me if the outfits are out of order. I am sleep deprived and nearly buried by December. Any post, at this point, is a good post.


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