Fieldnotes on Motherhood, Volume 3

hush now, my love
no need to fuss
and wail as though the end is near
i’ll hold you close
and with my kisses
protect you from what it is you fear
and if all that love
just isn’t enough
to soothe your tender little heart
then come with me
take my advice
the record player’s where i’d start
let’s put us on some Etta
some Otis Redding too
we’ll play some Little Walter
find that Muddy Waters groove
then dance around the room
and fill our souls up with their tune
let their words soak through our skin
and put us in a lighter mood
cuz life can feel real heavy
when you let it in, it’s true
make a tangle of your insides
until you don’t know what to do
but if mama learns you anything
before this life is through
it’s that there ain’t no ill
that can’t be cured by the blues
– a.
december 31, 2014

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