A Week’s Wardrobe


As a young homeschooling mother of three, I see myself as a very casual person. I tend to wear jeans most days with a t-shirt thrown on. However, there are those occasional days where I like to step it up a notch and wear a skirt or dress. Thanks for the opportunity to post. I have a website as well www.lemonheadpress.com. We are in the process of converting a school bus into a home, with the finishing goal of next summer. We then hope to get out of South Florida and travel around the country! Thanks again for having me.


Maroon corduroy pants and a Madewell blue linen t-shirt with my Birkenstocks. Comfortable but put together just enough that if we have to run around town I wouldn’t look like a total slob!


We had some doctors appointments to go too as well as ballet classes, so I always tend to throw on flats to create a more finished look. I love denim shirts and mine is falling apart, but cant bring myself to toss it


hump day is always the toughest for homeschooling. I ended up just throwing on a tank top and my most comfortable khaki’s. I am usually barefoot except when leaving the house…


This is when dresses are the best…days where I need to get on the floor to play with my kids or break up fights all day long. We release our butterflies today and enjoy the weather outside


It was Halloween so I knew I would be walking around quite a bit. I went with no dressing up (boring I know) and comfortable. I love these overalls and wear them all the time!
the family just lounged around, cleaned the house, and bought groceries. I was able to have a little movie date with the husband. I wore the same Madewell tank, threw on my favorite jeans, and some nice shoes.


Sunday was another beautiful day, so much of it was spent outside. I wore a casual baseball linen tee with a thrifted high waisted skirt. My kids love when I wear dresses and skirts, so I try to surprise them every once and a while.
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