A Week’s Wardrobe

Monday – squiggly line sweater + high-waisted black skinnies + strappy/studded t-strap flats + shawl collar coat

Oh, Mondays. They can be the pits. On this particular Monday though, the skies were super blue and so I stepped out for a quick lunch across the street at the Ferry Building at Charles Phan’s Out the Door (I love their paper bag to-go sacks!). It was a nice break from being inside the office all day. After work, I met my friend for a catch-up session over a glass of vino at this cute bar called Novela, where all the cocktails are named after literary characters, like Jay Gatsby ;). Since my office dress code is pretty casual, I can get away with wearing denim almost every day. I like that these black skinnies from Madewell (my favorites!!) make me feel a little more pulled-together than regular blues.

Tuesday – denim jacket + floral maxi dress + black Cuban boots

I had after-work plans to go to an art talk, so I put on my newest obsession in my closet: this gorgeous, sheer, floral maxi dress that has the most unbelievable poet sleeves. (Too bad they’re hiding under my jean jacket!) This dress feels like such a throwback to the 60s and 70s. I LOVE it. And of course, because I’m such a California girl, and I have to work denim into my daily outfits, I topped the dress off with this jean jacket. I think it helped toned down the dress and my necklace a bit, so I didn’t feel too fancy. 😉

Wednesday – black silk top + marled grandpa sweater+ light blue gray jeans + suede clogs

San Francisco weather is so confusing! Today felt a bit warmer than the other days, but because it’s January, and it should be winter, I threw on some heavy socks and some clog boots. It makes me feel a bit better that I’m at least trying to be seasonally appropriate… Ha. It was an otherwise pretty low-key Wednesday, and with no plans after work except bikram, I kept things pretty casual.

Thursday – t-shirt dress + gray cardigan + army jacket + black booties

I’m wearing a few of my favorite things today because it’s Thursday! And why not?! I’m a loyalist when it comes to stuff in my wardrobe. If I buy it, it means I love it, and will most likely wear it to death. Case in point: this jacket. A couple of years ago I’d been lusting after an Isabel Marant version (which of course was $$$), when I found this significantly cheaper version in Australia. Sometimes it feels like I haven’t taken it off since…  And then of course, this sweater. It’s my business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back cardi. It’s pretty old too, but who cares, I love this thing. I always get so many compliments when I wear it, from even the most unlikely people.  Same with this t-shirt dress. To call it that sort of undermines how fabulous it is. I bought this dress on a work trip to Seattle, and it’s just beautifully cut and incredibly comfortable. I foresee this being a part of my life for a very, very long time. 🙂 So are these old school Mars boots that I picked up in Chicago many many moons ago. Try to convince me to get rid of these!

Friday – what my coworker calls my “lava lamp sweater” + those high-waisted black skinnies again, leather/felt jacket + chucks

This week kicked my butt. And by Friday morning, I was pretty spent, so I wanted to be as invisible as possible. (Don’t you just want to hide some days?) To get me out of that mindset, I put on this playful sweater that has a handkerchief-like hem. It’s very…flouncy! I don’t have a ton of things in my wardrobe that feel very feminine to me, but this sweater is one of the few. Unfortunately, this picture doesn’t do it justice, because you can’t see it. But I promise, it’s a pretty fun piece and it helped lighten my mood. Definitely got me excited for the weekend! Here are those high-waisted skinnies again. I swear, I could live in these.

Sat – sweatshirt + workout gear

So I’m on a six-week journey of eating clean and working on my fitness with bikram yoga and kung-fu classes. It’s been tough on me mentally and physically! It’s also significantly affected my social life. But I’m about at the halfway point, and I’ve got to say, the only thing I really miss is eating cheese and my daily cup of coffee. (Ok, and those happy hour cocktails.) I have allowed myself one cup a week, though, which I typically reserve for Sundays as my treat. So this cup shown here— well, that’s some lemongrass tea, in there. And truth be told, it was pretty spectacular 🙂  This was on my way to my kung-fu class, after a morning of running around the beach with Milli, my five-year old french bulldog, and best buddy. She’s really my most favorite accessory.

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  • Outfits are great! But it appears from her site no children? The mention of the effects clean living on her social life kinda gives it away 🙂 well that along with all the dog talk. So yeah sorry to be a downer but I think that’s lame. I thought this was mom club inspiration, as in it’s not the same thing. Not inspired or impressed a bit.

    • Hi Anna,
      The site is dedicated to motherhood in general, yes, but that doesn’t mean I ever sought to exclude women I find fun, creative, wise, funny or fashionable simply because they don’t have children. A couple other participants who shared in this feature were also not mothers but had killer fashion sense. It’s suppose to be a fun thing, seeing what different ladies wear on various weeks. Also, the series is open to whomever is willing. Meaning you and whoever else are interested are always welcome. Sorry you’re not inspired or impressed this round. But I know plenty of others were, and just like me, they appreciate any aspect of every day womanhood highlighted in all shapes, styles and circumstances. Otherwise, it seems I might have to ban recipes and articles, artists features and so on, simply because they haven’t bore children. And to me that just seems silly. Not the exact environment I was shooting for.

      But thanks for writing,

  • True!! Fair enough.
    Just feeling a little stunted I guess in my own fashion at this point in my life as well as having my baby sitter turn me drown twice last month because of her dog :/
    Sorry take my frustration here

    • Oh no need to apologize. It is a valid comment, and I’m always happy to address any qualms readers may have with subject mater on the blog. And if there is any place to vent your frustrations, it’s here 🙂


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