Felicia + Lia

Excerpt from Their Wedding Site Bio

“Lia and Felicia met one fine Los Angeles September evening in 2010 by the infamous fire pit in Lia’s backyard. The ‘set up’ was arranged by close friends Heather Cvar and Mariko Jones. The stars hadn’t quite lined up that night – but they had begun working their magic and didn’t give up until sparks flew a few short months later when Felicia asked Lia to officially be her girl. They have spent the last four years doing everything under the sun, laughing a ton, raising an empire of animals, eating a whole lot of cheese and wine, going on countless adventures to AWESOME science museums and art exhibits, and traveling the world together.

On November 14, 2013, after seeing a live performance of their favorite podcast ‘Radiolab’ (nerd stuff) Lia had masterminded a secret plan to propose to Felicia in the same spot they met three years earlier.  Part of this plan began much, much earlier when Lia was going out on a ‘Dark Skate’ shoot in Los Angeles in 2012. Lia and her photo assistant Adam Ottke started a tradition to finish each long exposure photoshoot with a drawing of a heart for Felicia at each location. This ‘Dark Heart’ series of 18 photographs was created over a period of a year and a half in concrete riverbeds, dams, and skateparks in Los Angeles and Vienna, Austria and was hung as a surprise the night they got engaged.”


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