Kelsey + Torrey

gosh, we were so young when we met. we were in our second year of college. everyone knew each other from the year before in the dorms and all of our friends were friends. i had a bit of a reputation of being sort of an ice queen (so i’m told)… and he was so proud to have broken through that. he was in a band. i had a pink bike that i rode everywhere. we went to see pulp fiction downtown on our first real date. we had to hitch a ride with friends because neither of us had a car, and he forgot his money and left me at the theater to run 3 blocks to an atm. i almost broke up with him for being perpetually late, but he changed completely… well almost completely (for me). he made me feel adored. and i was adored.

after two years of almost living together we moved in together for real. our senior year we shared a tiny freestanding studio near the ocean that had a shower lined in cedar planks and a ceiling made of glass. at night we showered under the stars. we called it “the love shack”, and it was. that was almost 20 years ago. we have now been together longer than we haven’t. we are each other’s everything.

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