Mom + Dad

Our first date was April Fools Day 1972. Your dad and his cousins were my last customers of a very busy Easter eve. I didn’t want to wait on them but by the end of their meal he had asked me to color Easter eggs with them. I said yes …. I smile just thinking about him asking me. When I got off work at 10 he came to pick me up. He was in an old VW bus  and I was standing out front waiting for him. He drove right past me because he didn’t recognize me with my hair down. It had been pulled back in a hair net. He told me later that when he saw me standing there he had wished he’d asked that waitress out instead. I went to my apartment and changed and then we picked your brother up from the sitters. We sat in the kitchen at his cousins house and colored Easter eggs. I keep smiling remembering us. He was from LA and so different than anyone I had ever met. I was attracted to him immediately. Robert liked him too. Your dad was so happy that I had a four year old. He loved kids. He took me and Robert home and came in for a little while but I didn’t let him spend the night. Two days later he called me and asked me to meet him at Hunny’s for a cup of coffee. We were together from then on. I love that all these years later I still smile remembering that night. He had on a long sleeved blue and white striped shirt that night. I remember that shirt became my favorite shirt to sleep in.


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