To the new space in which our stories will be hosted from here on out. Hopefully a corner that speaks easily, with steady comfort while offering up more helpful navigation and the same simple, unforced attention you’ve come to count on so far. A virtual living room where you feel at home to drop in and wander around late in the evenings when the house is quiet and those last remaining are hours yours alone to fill. Early morning, just before the day breaks, the kids wake and the clock pulls you in. A spare hour that you snag to catch up on on a slow Sunday morning. A space that feels consisitenly warm and sweetly familiar. Rattling with the kind of chatter that – depending on the day – comes to echo that of a college classroom, a kitchen, a neighbor’s front porch, a coffee booth, a text message, a long overdue phone call, a secret stolen smoke break in the alley way just as the sun slips away and your sanity hangs by a thread.

Welcome to The Ma Books. New and improved. Dedicated to the same communal tales of hearts and heartaches. And all the life that piles up in between.

Designed by the dear and talented, Janet Lurssen A place she built in hopes that you all look forward to visiting whenever you’ve got a free hour to kill. As of now, open 24 hours a day. So pull up a chair, and stay awhile.

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