March Post Potluck


Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop by with a new request for another post potluck seeing how much the last one helped me out here. As I have said before, moderating this site does take a little more time than I probably anticipated initially, which I am totally fine with simply because of how much I’ve come to love it here myself. Hopefully, the feeling is mutual. Point being: your posts and contributions are what keep things running here, so I’ve added a fresh list of what are now regular features as well as a few other random topics that couple really help fill the slots for the next couple of months to maintain a regular and robust posting schedule here on The Books.

As always, the lists provided are only a means of suggestion. The blog is always open to whatever you are passionate about or feel might suit the space, so please feel free to send whatever strikes your interests to: with chosen topic in subject line and whatever links you would like included.


*also, since I’m here, the kid’s pen pal parings I have not forgotten about, they will all be sent to your inboxes by Monday!


Regular Features

A week’s wardrobe: six or seven outfits with brief descriptions of what you did on the days they are each attached to. So far, it’s been fun right?

Named: A post about your child’s name and how you came to choose it.

Expecting: This can be anything from a photo and a couple of sentences of what you’re feeling while expecting or how ever in-depth you’d like. Everybody likes a baby belly.

First Date: The Valentine game was such a hit I figured it should be its own thing, so now it is. As long as we have some of you willing to share. And, old photos of long time love birds are much appreciated.

Words of Wisdom: Is there a poem, passage, or prose you think belongs here? Send it!

Birth Stories: Self Explanatory. Although we are for some reason running low on “hospital births.” I’ve had four now and loved them all. Please step forward.

Make: recipes, crafts, home endeavors. We love and appreciate them all.

Home Tours: This could be a whole house, a beloved corner, a playroom or maybe an art wall. Anything you wish to share with us in your home we are grateful for.

Feed Favorite: Who on Instagram do you adore and would love to see featured here? Please share your choices in comments below.

Flashbacks: a certain photo, a memory, a day. These are some of my very favorite posts so please think about sending one (or more) of yours this way.

Worn and Overworn: An outfit or article of clothing you wear repeatedly. Why and what is it? Photos here are vital.



Miscellaneous Topics Of Interest

Viewpoint of a Working Mom: We need more here, please jump in!

Favorite Book: A review or recommendation.

When I was (——–) – talk about a certain and specific age. What were you like, what did you know and not know? How are you different from that person now?

Tales of darkness and heartache: The site welcomes and embraces them all.

About My Job: What you do, why you choose it and what it means to you.

Snack Cravings: What is one snack vice you can never seem to pass up? Mine are (and probably always will be salt and vinegar potato chips & beer) *insert monkey hiding his eyes emoji.

Personal poems, fiction or songs: Do you write? Did you use to write? Do you play an instrument? Send us your work or a video of you and your instrument. How fun would that be?

Staying fit: What and how do you keep that up? What exercise are most fond of. And hey, any yogis out there reading, please send us some photos of what ever poses you are currently most proud of. Seriously, I am so intrigued.

Things Fall Apart: What I hope to make a regular feature. Anything pertaining to the title. A bad day, a fall through, a fall out, a break up, shake up, or simple day’s defeat. These are the stories that remind us that we all suffer and recover the same. The topic is wide and can go as deep as you wish. But the point is I always feel relived to hear about those things in life that don’t go exactly as planned. Road trips with kids, for example, I could write a seething novel on.


So that’s it for now. I might be back here later this weekend to add or edit the list, but feel free to suggest anything else you may have in mind in the comments sections provided. And then, get to typing!

The whole party is counting on your dish.




P.s. I still have a handful of posts not yet published, but if you think your contribution may have been overlooked please contact me to address it. Thanks!





12 Responses

  • I think I have something I wrote about being a working mother a couple years back (you’re going to have me digging through old journals now!) My husband is a stay at home father, so it’s always interesting to see the different reactions when people ask him what he does. If it’s something readers would be interested in, I’d be glad to share!

    • Hi Cassie,

      Yes, Definitely interested! It’s a great topic. One I’m sure plenty others would really appreciate.

      • I found what I wrote, and it was a little longer ago than I had realized! There is so much more to write now (YEARS more of experience!) so I’ll get to work on it very soon 🙂

  • I just wanted to praise your “salt & vinager chips and beer” snack of choice. That’s my fave too! Insert same monkey 😉

  • Hi Jess,
    Just wanted to share one of my feed favourites with you – @dollyandfife. She takes the most amazing, evocative photos. Always a joy when they pop up in my feed.
    xox H.

  • I think you still have a post of mine — about wanting a third. Could also share one of my birth stories — both were in the hospital (not the plan / choice — but in the end, just what was needed). If we have a third, it too will be in the hospital. Some feed favorites: @dazedbutamazed, @takeapicturelady, @caroline_pdx, @lamblovesfox…


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