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Hi Stephanie, thank you so much for taking time to talk with us. It’s a post I’ve been meaning to share for quite awhile so I’m thankful to finally have you here.
So happy to be here! Such a wonderful community you are building.

First off, I want to say that the quilt you made for baby Hayes remains one of my all time favorite gifts any of my babies have ever received. I was wondering if you make these often for friends and family? And if so, how long it generally takes you to complete one?
That’s so sweet. Over the last 10 years it has definitely become a tradition that I make a quilt anytime a good friend or family member has a baby. It is quite the timely endeavor, a baby quilt takes about 20 hours to make. I love giving such a special gift to a new mother and baby.

How did you get interesting in quilting? And what before that were some of your favorite craft habits? I learned how to sew from my grandmother when I was really young. I was always really into making clothes and eventually went to school for it. When a good friend of mine had a baby while I was in college it seemed like a nice break from making clothes to make her a quilt. I just used scraps I had and it was always a very organic process. It wasn’t until about three years ago that I really got into quilting when a good friend of mine started showing me some modern piecing and hand-quilting techniques. Besides quilting, I have always been into ceramics.

Of all the quilts you’ve made do you have a long standing favorite, or is your latest work always most appealing? Probably the small hanging quilt I made for my oldest son’s first birthday. It will just always remind me of making it through that intense first year of motherhood with him.

Do you sell any of your crafts? If so, is there a shop we should know about? And if not, do you plan to do so in the future? I use to have a shop selling my jewelry, but got pretty burnt out making everything by hand. I decided to take a break when I got pregnant the first time and started freelancing more. I hope to have a shop again in the future. I think about it a lot and just haven’t quite figured out yet what I might like to sell this time around.

As a mother of two young boys, would you say that you feel less inspired on the whole, or more so? And how do you find time around the house to devout to these kinds of creative outlets / endeavors? There was definitely a period where I felt less inspired or maybe just tired. Lately I have felt more inspired than ever as I see a break coming soon from being pregnant and nursing for the first time in four years. I love being a mom, but I am excited to focus on myself a little more. Right now most of the time I have to spend on creative endeavors is after the kids are in bed or on the weekends.

Do you have a room to yourself that you keep all your materials stocked and organized?
I use to have a really nice studio in our house until about six months ago when we rearranged so the boys could have their own room. Eventually they will share a room and I am sure I will get it back. In the meantime I have moved to the basement. At first I was pretty bummed, but it is right next to all of my husband’s musical instruments, so it has been a nice way to spend our nights working on creative projects together. I do dream of the day though when I have my own studio outside of our house!

What currently (if anything) are you working on, craft wise, that you feel most excited about? In a couple of weeks I am part of a group art show with a bunch of my friends that is ceramic and fiber based. I am making ceramic pieces that are tied together by weavings. I always enjoy having a reason to try something new.

How about your girlfriends, are they crafty ladies too?
I feel very lucky to have a great community of girlfriends who continuously inspire me with their art, cooking and motherhood craftiness. I get together once a week with a group of ladies at my friends ceramic studio. We create, drink wine and tell stories about our children. It is so important to have other women in my life who are trying to make and mother.

And Lastly, I would love to know who, on Instagram, or even the general blogosphere, do you find most inspiring these days? I’ve really been enjoying the Apiece Apart blog lately. On instagram there are so many, @lotfilotfi, @dulldiamond, @sunkentreasurestuff and @luciledemory to name a few.






You can find Stephanie and all her lovely creations via @doreshandmade on Instagram



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