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The first time we saw this little house, I instantly fell in love with two things about it. The old white porcelain sink in the kitchen, perfectly sized for a baby bath and the large, half eave ceilinged room at the top of the stairs, with its wide old floorboards and a window at one end that reminded me of some sort of lake or summer camp cabin. While we put the sink straight to use with endless dishes and a happy soapy baby, it took us a few months of living here to figure out what to do with that pretty upstairs space. An open area with two smaller rooms off of it, it is somewhere between a hallway and a room. We call it the landing. Initially, we put both the girls in those small upstairs rooms and took the large bedroom downstairs as our own, with the intention of using the landing as an office of sorts. But being so seemingly far away from the baby’s room put me at such unease every night at that last tired 11 o clock hour when I finally went to bed, that we recently switched things around and moved our bedroom up to the landing, where we are just outside of Wren’s room. Athena, who is ten, moved downstairs, happily a bit farther away from her little sister’s nighttime wake ups. And just like that, everyone started to sleep better and the space is finally being used to it’s best.

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I love having an old house and likewise all the character that comes along with it. But low ceilings and century old rooms along with our love of collecting things, from pretty sticks and feathers to old rugs and everything in between, had us dreaming of an open, spacious room that was calming to sleep in and easy to keep neat. With that in mind we kept things simple and just gathered up a few of our most loved things from around the house to have in our bedroom. I’m always amazed at how moving something to a new spot can change the feeling of it entirely. Even my dresser was actually Athena’s but being so heavy we simply traded hers for ours to avoid carrying it downstairs. Funnily enough it was one I wasn’t sure I loved until i saw it in different surroundings -which gave it a new look altogether. It holds some of my favorite things, objects all full of sentiment that I (most importantly) want to keep track of, as well as look at every day. Athena found the driftwood on the beach on a recent trip to Cape Cod with her dad, along with the stones and shells that she handpicked and carefully brought home to us. Pictures I hold so dear and the first flower that Wren picked and was so delighted over. A little squished crocus that Matt immediately pressed into a frame.


Matt had a lucky streak a few years ago and found a few beautiful old bucket benches. We had three (!) in our living room so stealing one away for this room was easy enough. I love how they display things while leaving the wall above open and clean.


Most of our plants ended up in this room, it being one of the sunniest in the house. The spider plants, even though they are so ordinary, hold a permanent place in my heart. We bought them from a sweet old guy at the Woodstock flea market five summers ago when Matt and I were visiting friends in the Catskills. Lasting pieces of a perfect kind of summer weekend day. No matter what they thrive so happily, perfectly suited to a bad plant mom like me.

I’m sure by summer’s end we will have lined every windowsill with rocks brought home from the river, and hopefully taken the time to frame and hang some of the photos in that stack on the shelf, and moved things around for necessity again or just for the sake of a different view. But for now, it is a space we love and one that has provided the type of quiet we had hoped for, up the stairs and away from the mess of the day. Thanks for taking a look!


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