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I’m Molly, mama of two little girls (Susannah- 20 months and Louise- 10 weeks).  We live in an old farmhouse just east of Austin.  My husband Brian and I met in San Francisco when he was on tour playing fiddle with the Weary Boys back in 2005 and we married 5 months later.  We have a band with our friends and gigged regularly through my pregnancy with Susannah though its hard to find the time (or a sitter) to book much these days.  Brian is an artist and I have been selling vintage clothing for the past 10 years and feel beyond lucky to do what I love for a living.

My wardrobe is mostly vintage and always comfortable. Cottons, gauze, silks.  Old denim.  Natural fibers.  Never polyester. I love dramatic sleeves and floor lengths.  I favor bohemia and the loose silhouette of the 1970s.  I lived in my caftans through both pregnancies.

Some of my earliest memories are of hunting through old junk shops with my dad, collecting antique box cameras, advertising pencils, coins, stamps… whatever fit the bill.  I remember clearly my first encounter with vintage clothing.  I was in 8th grade and my family drove down south to look at colleges for my oldest sister. There was a vintage shop in San Luis Obispo called Decades.  It reeked of Nag Champa and old leather as any respectable vintage store should.  The racks were jammed packed and held treasures only for the patient and devoted.  I dug up a pair of carved wooden platforms and a fringed golden suede vest.  I was hooked.

My childhood was a dream and my memories are flooded with vivid pictures of people and their trademark style:  my mom in her nautical stripes wading on the rocky shores of Lake Tahoe, my aunt at Donner Lake with her gypsy head scarves and huge silver hoops.  My grandma’s high waisted pants and silk blouses.  The squeaky sound of the nun’s SAS shoes on the linoleum at school.  The collared pique shirts my dad wore in summer with his swim trunks, the little penguin patch on the pocket pushed out by a box of Marlboro reds.  These memories are still almost tangible.  I can’t help but wonder if my girls will remember these old rags of mine in dreamy fondness or recall the sound of my silver bracelets jangling when we lived our lives together.

Monday morning we took our gals to The Thinkery, a children’s museum in Austin, and then to lunch.  Once home I dashed to the post with the weekend orders and hustled back to get a few etsy listings up before nap time was over.   I’m wearing old denim bell bottoms that I like to embroider on road trips.  Whoever owned them in their past life widened the already-giant hems and patched the rear.  I love them.  They are worn in and perfect for chasing our lightning bolt Susannah around and stay in pretty heavy rotation these days.  My shirt is vintage Indian gauze by Adini.  I’ve had it for at least a decade and it has a drawstring tie neckline which can be loosened quickly to nurse Louise.  Birkenstock Gizeh sandals are often my shoe of choice.  These sunnies are Elizabeth + James and were a Mother’s Day treat from Brian and the girls.

We stayed home all day Tuesday with a little walk down Main Street in the afternoon and lots of trips outside to the blue plastic swimming pool.  This turquoise dress has hand-embroidered beauty all over and belled sleeves.  It’s an Egyptian Siwa piece from the 1970s. The neckline is great for nursing and the cotton is light and breezy.  The turquoise and silver old pawn ring came from Richardson’s Trading Post in Gallup, NM.  We were on a road trip through the southwest 5 or 6 years ago and I just couldn’t leave without it.  Also always on me is my favorite perfume oil that I’ve been wearing for ages now.  It’s called La Boheme and is described as “patchouli + burning roses” by the maker, Alkemia ($12 on etsy!).  I’m sure down the road my girls will laugh about how their mom smelled like a Grateful Dead concert growing up.

I must have changed clothes 50 times on Wednesday.  Black stretch pants in the morning while I worked.  Hung around in a caftan.  Picked tomatoes and made blueberry ice cream in a tee and jeans.  Got a tintype photo taken of our family in an old Gunne Sax blouse.  I wore this wrap dress to run into Austin for a few solo errands.  It was sent to me by a sweet gal in New York.  It has dramatic angel sleeves (a disaster for diaper changes!), tie dyed ends, and a great weight that’s perfect for twirling, a real crowd pleaser over here these days.  My shoes are 70s wood and leather platforms (for kid-free excursions only!) which I bought for a song at a little vintage shop in Seattle 8 years ago.  I went to see Brian on tour there and my folks came up and traveled with me and we had a blast. I usually have this stack of Mexican silver bangle bracelets on my right wrist and Susannah loves to play with them.  They are lightweight and sound like lovely music together.  I’ve picked them up at random flea markets and pawn shops over the years.  I rarely wear earrings now that we have babes.  These old silver hoops are my go to if I have a chance to run into town solo for an appointment or to meet up with a girlfriend.

Like every day in a Texas summer, Thursday was blazing hot.  I worked a bit in the morning and made some blueberry jam from berries we picked at a farm the next town over.  We went to the pool for a cool dip and it was closed so our trusty little blue plastic pool filled in.  My swimsuit is from the 70s, Catalina brand.  I love the earthtone colors and native print.  I have a really short torso- I’m all legs- so finding a swimsuit to fit me properly is a challenge and this one has been with me for years.  The wrap skirt is also 70s, hand-blocked batik cotton from India.  I remember loving these skirts when I’d stroll the aisles of Cost Plus (now World Market) with my mom as a kid.

On Friday we worked and played around the house until after nap time and then headed into Austin to swim at my sister-in-law Rose’s place.  Rose gets to use one of the best pools in town and we often bring the girls in to swim, eat pizza, and see their auntie.  I probably wear this caftan dress more than anything (besides black stretch pants!). It was made for me by Roxana Zal of Gold Dust Dresses out of an old Indian cotton tapestry I had held on to for years so there’s a really sweet history behind it.  I’m wearing my silver bangles again and my shoes were made by Ricardo Medina in Mexico.  I found this old 1960’s sterling ankh necklace in a junk jewelry pile at the Santa Cruz flea market 5 years ago and I wear it almost every day.  Susannah likes to play with it and bites on the pendant when her teeth are hurting!

We skipped swim lessons Saturday morning in favor of sleeping in, blueberry pancakes, and a hometown parade that meandered down our street.  We had lots of errands to run and people to meet up with in Austin later.  I needed to wear something super lightweight so I could carry Louise in our Solly baby wrap in the afternoon sun without melting.  This marigold gauze harem jumpsuit is super comfy and forgiving.  It’s from the 70s and is just about the lightest thing.  The straps tie at the shoulders which is great for nursing (always my first consideration when dressing these days!).  I found this Old Rockmount Ranch Wear hat in Santa Cruz.  I’m wearing Ricardo Medina botines, a big Indian coin necklace from the 60s, and my stack of silver bracelets.


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  • Oh, I LOVE Molly! I stalked her on Instagram for the longest time and then harassed her in her tent at the Hotel San Jose stage at SXSW a couple of years ago while she was selling her fabulous vintage, Sweet Susannah was tiny and asleep in her stroller. She’s just as great in person! And now she’s one of my fave instagram buds.

    • Lauren!

      That single story just made me so happy. I love that that’s how you two met. And, it doesn’t surprise me at all that you got along so well. Oh, them lovely inter web connections. xox


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