Fall Post Potluck

Hello laides.

I am here, mainly to apologize for the lagging pace on the blog here these past couple of weeks. I have to say it has been a bit harder for me to keep up and tend to as I would like to, seeing that I currently have such little time that actually feels like it belongs to anything out side of my kids, and everything that goes along with the strict routine of a new school year.

However, with that said. I am still fully committed to the evolution of this space. Just not as steadily as I would prefer. But will try and devout more time to pulling it together this coming month. I am also here in request of any contributions any of you may have to give. The Ma Books is open to all prose and I am always hesitant to outline specifics in fear of possibly turning off anyone who might be have something of their own accord in mind, so please know that if something is of personal interest to you, it is always an option. Submission email is: themamabooks@gmail.com


As far as the post potluck is concerned, here are some regulars in case you might be interested in sharing in one of them.

“Named” : tell us your child’s name and how it came to be.

–  Tours: it could be a room, a home, a corner. Show us a favorite part of your homespace and maybe a little about why it is.

–  Poems. I like them the same as I did when I was 17. Send them in!

Book reviews : for anyone reading Sally Mann’s Hold Still, wanting to share some thoughts on it, pick a passage, chapter and quote and tell us how it effected you.

A week’s wardrobe. Your daily details & outfits, six days of the week. I loved them all so far.

First date: share your first date with your partner. What you did, how you felt, where you went, ect.

Flashback : a photo, a Polaroid, a memory. Anything from the past you want write about.

Recipes : What foods are on your Fall agenda. Because we all know new recipes are good    recipes.


Happy Writing!


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