Gifting Ladies

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”
― Pierre Corneille, Menteur


Earlier this week, when I decided to write a post about gifting ladies over on my personal blog I figured it might be fun to split up the topic here after all the great responses I received from friends whom I approached via text regarding the subject. Wondering what makes a gift from a friend feel particularly special. Or what it is they intend to give themselves this year. As we all know – and sometimes it feels trite  to admit – but we all still like getting gifts.

What I’ve come to conclude on the subject is that as long as the intention behind it speaks to the individual (on some level, on some regard) it’s meant for, it’s really hard to go wrong. Hand-made, home cooked, or just considerately picked, knowing simply someone had you in mind, no matter what age we are, makes us feel good. I have quite a few gifted gifters in my circle so anything I unwrap I usually always (genuinely) adore. Even when it comes to more typical things like candles, baked goods, or new plants. Everything the ladies in my life had over is cherished because it speaks to the plain fact of love and friendship. From hand-made lip balm to home-made jam, to new blankets, to old records, to photos and postcards, to beer and liquor. Over the years I can easily recall strings of lovely gifts I have received and loved dearly. Each holding their own etched space in my heart long after they’re gone.

My own personal gifting tendencies however aren’t so snazzy. Blighted by the fact that I am a notoriously late gifter. (Notoriously late in all things related to life, in general, actually) so it seems a bad habit I just can’t seem to overcome, no matter how hard I try. Regardless of the blight, what I enjoy giving most is books. Late books. Mainly photography books I love or want myself, and come to bet on the fact that my friends might share a penchant for too. Coffee table additions are my go to. I also love passing on books to younger ladies who I suspect have yet to fall in love with certain novels the way I did somewhere around their age, so there’s a personal connection in handing over what feels like a small part of myself when I do.

Here a few of my friends were kind enough to pass along some of their own gifting goods in mind for this holiday season. And ask that you please feel free to share what you love to give, or receive, items you have in mind for the special women in your life, or simply shops you’d like to share.


“Little earnings (studs) or funky makeup bags. If I could afford it, I would give JF initial charm necklaces”   – Amber

“This year, Im doing brass incense holders from Spartan Shop and beeswax trapers from various artist, depending on the person! All things I would love that are a perfect blend of modern and classic and function.” – Kate

“I’ve been horrible the last couple of years about getting anything organized – but I will be doing handmade this year. In the past I loved giving homemade eggnog or Irish cream in pretty glass bottles I find wherever.” – Morgan

“Usually something I’m currently obsessed with. One year it was baggu leather pouches, another it was mini diptque candles in fig scent. This year it’s a bar of craft chocolate made in a little town in Oahu from where my BF’s family is from and a book or poems I recently discovered that I just love love.” – Myra

“I had a tin type done of my daughter for my best friend” – Lauren

“This year I’m hoping to make a shrub or mixer of some sort (with bottles of booze) make soy candles, and get botanical facial steamers from my friend Melissa’s company Red Moon Apothecary. – Kate

My Close girlfriends and I do a “girl’s Christmas” with a gift exchange. When my girls were younger, I would have them draw our names from a hat and I would send my friends a video or picture of the exchange assignment. Now Rose’s baby draws the names with $25 for a price point.” – Nicky

“For my five boos I like to give all the same gifts. Either handmade leather card holders. Or something little from Marc Jacobs. I’ve done Jewelry plates. And this year will be handmade again. – Jessica 


Photo borrowed from Local Milk Blog 

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  • The ladies in my life usually get a vintage piece that reminds me of them and sometimes fresh homemade wreaths for those living close by. Last year I made my favorite patchouli sea salt hair spray for my girlfriends and packaged them in pretty glass bottles with sage tied around the neck. I’m always knee deep in vintage and babies so I really appreciate the awesome pampering gifts my sister in law gives me and my sister finds great cookbooks that I will love. I’m hoping to get Alice Waters’ new cookbook on making your own pantry staples this year/ right up my alley! xo

  • The past couple of years I have made homemade sugar scrub dressed up pretty in a jar. This year I’m trying my hand at some bath salts (which also went to my girls’ teachers at school.) I LOVE giving & receiving books as gifts.


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