More Life

“This is what I want to give to my clients.

More life.

I am tired of setting people up against colorful walls and back alleys. I have deep appreciation and love for what I have done in the past, but I want more.

I want you to want more, too.

I want to dig deeper, I want to try harder, I want to gain more trust so people let down their walls and leave their house the way it was before I arrive. So they allow me in. Really, really in.

Our lives pass so quickly, and moments like this make up the most of it.

I have a burning desire and passion coming out of my eyeballs, to give this to you.

This is how your life looks.

Let me help you see it.




a photo from a 2010 blog post on Tara’s site that I came across the other day that stopped me dead in my tracks. More life. Always.

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  • Very inspiring. I crave this, too. But nowhere near that. I feel like I’d have to start from scratch…take down all sessions from my gallery since they’re mostly “posed” or directed or whatever. These don’t resemble the journey I want to take with photography, they show my beginnings. I didn’t know where to start so just went with the flow. It’s what I thought I wanted until I soon noticed it was unfulfilling and repetitive. Personally, I know that I’ve wished hundreds of times for images of me in my everyday with my two girls. I want to remember these fleeting moments and for my girls to have the chance to look back on the connection and bond we shared that can only be done with real moment photography. Standing in a park, facing the camera and smiling at the same time tells no story. I want my story. I’d love to help others tell theirs, too. Thanks for sharing this.


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