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Jemima Kirke via My Domain. com

On her mother’s influence on her art career:
“My mom always sort of had an agenda for all of the things she wanted her kids to do, so the second I showed an inclination towards art, that was my thing. I always had a little studio in the basement of all our houses. It was really nice actually. She always painted the wine cellar white and turned it into my studio.”

On her disinterest in fashion:
“I appreciate fashion and I love to look at it, and I have opinions on what I like and don’t like. But I just don’t really care about it for me that much. I’m critical of it and I’m discerning, but with myself I don’t really care. I like comfort.”

an-inside-look-at-jemima-kirkes-brooklyn-art-studio-1667514-1456173347.640x0c an-inside-look-at-jemima-kirkes-brooklyn-art-studio-1667512-1456173347.640x0c

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